Contrast Netanyahu’s leadership with President Obama’s

by Ranger Rick

When comparing leaders, the stark contrRanger Rick Art_7_0_0ast in leadership and ability between the President of the United States – President Barack Obama and Israel’s Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is vast and evident. You would expect the President of the United States to be staid and dignified in bearing, manner, and communication, both the spoken word and writing. Sadly, such is not the case.

Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu was recently invited by Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to address Congress before the recent elections in Israel, which Mr. Netanyahu won again overwhelmingly. If you had a chance to view his speech, his cordial thanks for the invitation and thanks to the President for support of Israel, he was the vision of a strong and vital leader. He spoke of strong American support and many thanks by Israel for such support over the years. He also spoke of a strong Israel, the “Iron Dome” (with technical support from the United States) to fend against missile attacks.

He added that the days of Israel being viewed as weak and acquiescing are over. The Jews will stand as one and fight any nation intent on attacking or threatening to destroy Israel.

The Democrats and the President protested the invitation — Democrats in Congress because they oppose the idea of Netanyahu as the leader of Israel, and President Obama saying he was against the visit because of being so close to the Israeli elections (a poor excuse if there ever was one). Now it is being reported factions of the Democrat party supported Netanyahu’s opposition in the election with both funds and support personnel. After Netanyahu’s overwhelming win, the President, the petulant and shallow person he is, failed to call to congratulate the leader of a country that is America’s only ally in the region.

What does that say about our President? He was probably too busy filling out the NCAA basketball tournament brackets or too busy on the golf course to pick up the phone.

Whether you support or like Mr. Netanyahu or not, this is a leader who has been tested, a warrior, an accomplished person and speaker. Compare him with President Obama – the narcissist in chief, a man-child in an empty suit. Take away his teleprompter and he is a stumbling, stuttering mess, and after finally getting his “legs”, he uses the constant over-used phrases “let me be clear,” “make no mistake about it” and “spread the wealth around” glib comments. Listening to BiBi, you felt as though you were listening to a leader. When listening to our President, do you even get close to feeling warm and fuzzy about what he is saying?

President Clinton, for all his personal faults was pragmatic, could work with others and compromise when he felt it was in the best interests of the country. He did more with Republicans than his own party to advance the country. President Obama can’t, won’t, or even attempt to speak with Republicans on compromise. So much is spoken and written in media about the do-nothing Republican Congress. How about the uncompromising President?

Congratulations to Benjamin Netanyahu and may Israel continue their fight against enemies vowing to destroy the country, with or without the support of President Obama.

President Obama, shame on you and the Democrat Party.

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