The muck starts here: ‘Buckshott, Part Deux’

Larry Hampby Barry Hastings

 ‘War on Terror’ prosecution incompetent

 The oft repeated question of journalists and citizens today is, “What’s our strategy for preventing attacks of the type we’re seeing across the globe today, here?”

If anyone remotely connected to the matter answers truthfully, he deserves to be shot. Much of the problem we can’t seem to get a grip on, involves politicians, generals and admirals, (our pathetic) spooks, running their mouths, revealing the game plan, often enough, revealing there is no game plan.

I’ll tell you, if FDR, Ike, even the archaic MacArthur, had run World War II the way we’ve run this one… it might have lasted more than 14 years. (Or, west of the Mississippi, folks would be speaking Japanese, east of Big Muddy, “Seig! Heil!”

 The phony Egyptian moderate is gone

 I’m not really sorry to see fall of the Morsi government in Egypt. Way back at the beginning of “Arab Spring” I predicted (and was laughed at) the “generals” would be back in the end.

Morsi was a deceiver. He presented a moderate/democratic face to gain power, then dropped the mask, began shifting to the reactionary Islamic political right. The world’s better off with fewer Seventh Century minds controlling many millions, driving them toward an idea DOA in modern times, to modern people.

Morsi’s big change in course to starboard, frightened and angered many who’d “bought” him as a moderate tending toward humanist. He’s no friend of the West, nor of those with differing religious views. Nor to those who believe it’s all hogwash. When he threatened military force against demonstrators, the “generals” reconsidered their support. (They like modern times — have grown fat on them. Few desire return to the dark ages. Far too uncomfortable.)

The “generals” have an opportunity to make themselves long-term national heroes… but they won’t. It will be better than the religious nuts, but, if necessary, they’ll revert to brutality. At least it’s quieter there, now.

Gov. Christi might be a latter-day Taft

 Everyone knows Joisey’s guv is moibidly obese, but until I saw him trying to hug Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, I never truly realized how immense the man is. (If he makes it to the White House, the Smithsonian Museum will have to cough up William Howard Taft’s immense bathtub.) That (attempted) gesture was the most comical thing I’ve seen in sports. Only Republicans can afford carrying so much weight around. I truly don’t believe the White House armored limo could handle it.Muckraker

 Cleveland cops didn’t give a damn

 Well, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day passed here with little enthusiastic thankfulness, following by a day release by Cleveland police, of ‘the rest’ of the video from shooting of a 12-year-old (who looked even younger). I know, I said I didn’t blame them some days back, but this film shows them guilty of murder by inactivity — they stood around chatting for six minutes while a 12-year-old bled out. Then two minutes before an ambulance arrived, made a pretext of concern. Do ya think people in Cleveland are gonna put up with this merde much longer? You can’t hide this crap forever. Deal with it, truthfully, NOW!

 ‘Wounder Warrior’ chief a rich man

 Is there anyone who’d be surprised to learn the man who runs the, “Say A Prayer For Peace” (Wounded Warrior Project) outfit you see everywhere on TV, collects a yearly paycheck of $350,000? This tidbit comes from WWMT-TV’s Tom Van Howe, who does a weekly Thursday evening commentary there at 5:55p.m. He’s a good newsman, thoughtful, a good writer — and speaks his mind on the real issues in state, national, international affairs. (It takes a lot of donors, at 19 dollars a month, to pay out $350,000 every year — one month each from one hundred eighty-four thousand, two hundred ten, to be precise.

 So, it comes down to us vs. them

 Well, it’s back to page one. “What can be done to stop these crazy people trying to undo civilization?” The answer – the only answer, is simple. But despite constant attacks, and attempted attacks, we can’t bring ourselves to face it. Simple, but not easy, and not in our normal ‘nature’. To them, it’s “them or us.” To me, with kids and grand-kids, and friends, and our now-damaged but much-loved institutions and Constitution, it’s got to be “them.” Kill ’em.


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