Ranger Rick: Calling it whatever you want doesn’t make it so

Ranger Rick Art_7_0_0When I was a young man, 14 or 15 years old (this would be mid-sixties), an old man told me I would see and experience things in my lifetime that were unheard of at the time, not new inventions, but the destruction of traditions and religion.

He was a World War II veteran, fought in the South Pacific. When he spoke these things, he was hung over from the previous night out at the bar. I didn’t comprehend what he was saying then or how prophetic his words would become.

I’m paraphrasing, but they are true to his meaning: “Things that are abhorrent and unthinkable now will be ingrained into society and evil will become good and good become evil. People will be numbers, not human beings with dreams and ambition, taxpaying numbers – not people with souls and lives. Vietnam will grow into a war engulfing more soldiers and marines into the killing fields. Our leaders will fail the people and discontentment will grow.”

I wish he were around longer, but he died not long after that riding a motorcycle late at night. It was said he was dodging a deer or someone crossing the middle of the road into his lane. I don’t think so, I went to the crash site and there weren’t any skid marks and a big hog Harley leaves skid marks when you mash on the brakes. I think he just got tired of living the nightmares. We all have our burdens to bear of some degree or another and for some they just get too big to handle.

He’s buried in Plainwell — God rest his soul.

Fast forward 50 years. Everything he said has come to pass. He wasn’t a prophet, but a thinking man, just a man who looked objectively at how the country was moving toward rebellion. Not the kind of rebellion that causes civil war or overthrowing of governments. It is a rebellion against God and religion, of making the government and media the new altars of worship.  Those things that were taboo and forbidden are now commonplace, espoused and celebrated by liberals and media.

Abortion, homosexuality, trans-sexual, transvestites, illegal immigration, placing animal life above humans, worshipping evil and rebelling against anything considered holy or religious. Of course, this only applies to Christians, not Muslims.

When a pizza joint recently was asked to cater a gay wedding, the owner politely refused. A flower shop owner was asked by a gay couple to make arrangements for the wedding and the sympathetic owner told her long time customers that she couldn’t because of religious beliefs, but she recommended another shop to service their wedding arrangements. Both businesses were skewered in the arena of public opinion and the flower shop owner was sued.

We were, contrary to many uneducated people, a Christian/Judeo nation, but not a nation devoted only to the Christian/Judeo religions. There is no national religion, only the “freedom of (not from) religion,” all faiths (even those agnostics and atheists of skeptical or no faith) are free to practice their faith without interference or harassment, until recently. If you are a Christian or Jew, you better check your religion at the church/synagogue door, because if you own a business and refuse to do that which is against your beliefs, you will be persecuted in the media and possibly the court, if those feeling they have been wronged sue.

Make no mistake about it; this is a rebellion against the church, a rebellion against God and the Ten Commandments. It is also a power grab to usurp the power of the majority by a very small percentage of those affected in the minority. Will the homosexuals so outraged about a business owner with Christian beliefs and practicing those beliefs be as outraged by a Muslim owner refusing in the same situation? When ISIS/ISIL takes over an area, those aiding the Americans during previous occupation, Jews, Christians, and homosexuals are killed. Where is the outrage? Will there be outrage?

When are the homosexual protesters and media going to focus the outrage against ISIS/ISIL? They won’t because their real motives are fully exposed, they want to destroy Christian/Judeo ideas and teachings, and keep rebelling against God. It is also an attack against property rights. I agree with right of refusal to any customer wishing service because of an owner’s held religious objections. If you are refused service, there are other businesses you can approach.

For 3,000 years, the teachings of the Bible and Ten Commandments were the foundation of our Constitution and all laws, it wasn’t from Harvard or Yale. Early politicians in young America prayed daily for guidance, to honor God by serving the country as a servant of the people. With the likes of the presidents of the late 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, we need God’s help more than ever to put sanity, fidelity, and piety back into American life.

The idea and practice of marriage was created within the church, not the state. It was to confirm and nurture the faith and idea that two people, a man and a woman, were joined in holy matrimony and all children to be brought up in the church. Then the state felt they had to intervene in church function by making it into a civil function by making marriage licenses mandatory. There was no reason for this except to extort money from those wishing to be married.

The homosexual agenda demands there be “marriage” between two people of the same sex. Whatever it is, it is not marriage. It may be a civil union, for legality sake, but it can never be a marriage, for that is reserved for two people of the opposite sex. But when questioned about why not call it a civil union, the homosexual agenda decries the word and will only accept “marriage” and nothing less in describing the event – that which can never be. You can call it anything you like but that doesn’t make it so.

The rebelling and rotting of America within continues.

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