Ranger Rick: Where’s Clinton Foundation money for Haiti recovery?

Ranger Rick Art_7_0_0According to the “Weekly Standard” article “Protesters Gather at Clinton Foundation to Complain of ‘Missing Money’ from Haiti Recovery” written by Daniel Halper, the following was reported:

“Recently, protesters gathered outside the Clinton Foundation to complain of missing money from the Haiti recovery effort from the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. The protesters claimed that that the $10 billion meant to help rebuild Haiti did little to help the country after the devastating quake. And much of that money went to non-Haitian companies.

“Said one protester, ‘These people, they are still living in very difficult conditions, still living under tents, while Bill Clinton and his cronies – they waste this money.’”

Now whether this claim has any validity or not, it would be very easy to find out where the money is or has gone by doing an audit of the financials, thereby exposing fraud or disproving the claim. What are the chances of that happening? If you said 0%, you’re probably more right than wrong. Those in the Democrat Party and especially the Clintons, have so many barriers built up to shield their activities that the inner circle is never exposed.

Does that mean the Clinton Foundation is guilty of the accusations? We’ll never know. If you gave to the foundation thinking the money was going to rebuild and help Haiti, wouldn’t you want to know?

Even if the truth were found out and exposed fraud, the people reporting such irregularities would be crucified in the press, called racists in that they don’t want the people of Haiti to receive funds, and Bill Clinton would wag his finger at the camera and deny, deny, deny. And you know what that means – he is lying, lying, lying (as in “I never lied, not once” and “I never had sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”

He is so adept at lying you even feel sorry for such a habitual liar, he is so delusional, even he can’t admit he’s lying. We all know people like Clinton, they lie just because they can. These people, in common vernacular, are usually called blowhards and bullshitters. In political terms, they are called politicians.

How do you know they are lying… their mouths are moving. Yesteryears and today’s politicians are pretty much all the same, just with different degrees of truth-telling. Some don’t mean to lie, they just can’t help themselves – it’s so easy to do and get away with. Some are just great liars and construct walls to help deflect any criticism of their lies.

Hillary Clinton is just such a person, and she learned from the best, her “husband.” I put husband in quotes because I think it is a marriage for political convenience and mutual admiration for being so smart and conniving, they both are in love not with each other in the romantic sense, but in the political sense. They are the perfect political couple – always grabbing more power and influence with an ever detrimental and devious political class.

Whether the Clinton Foundation is using the funds fraudulently, nobody really cares nor does anybody really want to know.

The rotting of America within continues…..

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