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Public Safety Beat: 5-year-old crash victim’s parents WHS grads

The parents of a 5-year-old Middleville boy tragically killed in a traffic crash Saturday are both graduates of Wayland High School.

Scott and Amanda Duley were high school sweethearts in Wayland and graduated in 1997, according to retired Wayland teacher Laura Sage, who also lived in Middleville for a number of years. She posted on Facebook that Scott, Amanda and baby Gabe Duley have been hospitalized with serious injuries. Five-year-old Caleb died in a three-way crash at the intersection of Cherry Valley Road and Green Lake Road in Thornapple Townhip.

“Such a sweet couple raising two beautiful boys and then the unthinkable changes everything,” Sage commented. “I had the honor of having Scott for a high school student for four years, attending their wedding and meeting Caleb.”

The family and friends are planning a candlelight vigil to honor Caleb for 8 p.m. Wednesday at McFall Elementary School, were he was a student. Participants are asked to bring a candle and wear blue, Caleb’s favorite color.

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