Martin Township Board adopts budget of about $300,000

The Martin ToBudget_6wnship Board Wednesday night adopted a 2015-16 fiscal year general fund budget of just over $300,000 and made a few decisions about road work for this summer and fall.

The budget for the next fiscal year projects a surplus of $12,562, which will be transferred into the general fund.

Revenue includes a general fund levy of 0.8625 mill, which was rolled back from one mill by the Headlee Amendment a long time ago. The township almost succeeded in having the authorized maximum restored in the general election last November.

Included at the last minute was a request for a 1% raise, or $180 a year, from Assessor Sherry Burd.

The separate road millage has been rolled back to 3.996 mills. The board decided to have the Allegan County Road Commission do resurfacing and repairs for the north end of 4th Street, for 120th Avenue to Sixth Street and it is sharing project costs for 12th Street with the Martin Motor Sports Park and Watson Township.

The fire millage has been reduced by Headlee from one mill to 0.996. The township’s attempt to add another 0.9 mill in the May 5 special election was turned down by voters. The extra money would have been used for a replacement schedule for equipment for the fire department.

Fire Chief John Schippers also announced to the board that Ellis Wykstra has been promoted to assistant chief.

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