Chip and cracked seal, fog coat to be done on 144th Ave.

Road paving2The Leighton Township Board Thursday night approved a cracked seal, chip seal and fog coat resurfacing job for 144th Avenue from Kalamazoo Avenue to Ninth Street at a cost of $45,000.

Turned down, meanwhile, was a proposal for the same kind of work on Green Lake Road on South and East Shore Drives.

There was some hesitation about doing crack sealing.

Treasurer Char Troost, who cast the only vote against the procedure, commented, “I would think the tar would ease into the cracks (in the pavement), so why do we have to do a crack seal (at an added expense of $14,000)?”

Steve DeYoung, chairman of the Allegan County Board of Commissioners, replied, “The fog coat is a fine layer they spray, but it doesn’t really cover the cracks well.”

Supervisor Steve Deer said, “I’ve been told you get more bang for the buck when you apply the crack seal before applying the fog coat… And the last two winters have been very hard on Allegan County roads.”

Trustee John Hooker added, “It’ll eventually be less expensive if you can make it last longer.”

Troost said the impetus for not having Green Lake Road done was that work was done there four years ago and township officials aren’t convinced it’s needed yet.


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