‘Business as usual’ will only doom future generations

Times are-a-changing, even thouLetter to editor_8gh some would like to pretend it should be “business as usual.”

The average person recognizes that the world is in dire straits when we hear reports of pipelines exploding, droughts, water being contaminated, accidents where thousands of gallons of oil are dumped into our waterways, species becoming extinct, increased cancer rates. Need I say more?

It can be easier to go about our lives “business as usual,” leaving the advertisers, politicians and industries to supervise themselves. In the comfort of our daily lives it is easy to forget that this beautiful earth is being devastated and many individuals are suffering the harmful effects of our “business as usual.”

What will our children and children’s children say about us and our choices that affect their future, their way of life? Why do we think we deserve to use and destroy so much for our comfort? Don’t we owe it to others to do our best to protect and conserve these finite resources? Wouldn’t it be easier to make changes now, rather than later when even more is destroyed and the carbon fuels are gone.

Is this the legacy you want to leave? We are all responsible. Step up to the plate and take action. There is plenty to do at all levels. None of us is too busy or too important that we are exempt from this responsibility. Each one of our voices makes a difference.

You can start by signing the petition that is circulating to get the fracking issue on the ballot so the residents in Michigan can decide if we want fracking and the disposal of its waste in our state. I am helping collect signatures.

Contact me at karenfifelski@yahoo.com   or LetsBanFracking.org

Karen Fifelski, Hopkins

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  • Ms. Fifelski, bless her heart, is a well-meaning person and I knew her from high school. Smart, witty, and a fine person, so what I’m about to write is not an attack on her person.
    Yes, the times, they are a-changing and we will be affected, as we have been our whole lives. Pipelines, atomic power, oil refineries, manufacturing, gas and diesel powered vehicles – these are all part of “modern living”. If she wishes everyone to go back to yesteryear, sorry, that ship has sailed. I’m sure she is a die-hard liberal, climate change warrior. Better get the warm clothes on, the earth has been cooling for some time now. You had better worry about something, and it ain’t on your agenda yet – economic destruction and money collapse – because that’s where we are headed. $19 trillion in debt, about $117 trillion in unfunded liabilities (both states and federal) – we have bigger fish to fry.
    The administrations that let this happen will be vilified soon enough. Fracking is the least of our worries.

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