Drop box damage very costly to Dorr Township Library

Dear Editor and Dorr Township residents,

I am sad to repLetter to editor_8ort that we have had several very damaging incidents of bark, stones and plant material (whole iris flowers, hosta leaves, etc) being put in our library drop box overnight.

Not only has this damaged our and other library’s materials (water damage on books, DVDs crushed, dirt on everything), but it has also affected our flower beds in memory of Nichole Ringeisen, the girl who was killed in front of the library. Not only is this behavior disrespectful, but damaging as well.

If the plants, bark, stone and other non-library materials continue to be put into the drop box, we will have to keep the drop box locked at all times. We don’t want to do this. Having a drop box open 24/7 is a wonderful boon for you and our community

But we have to pay for damages to other library’s materials and replace ours every time this happens. The costs are rising.

Please remember that the library grounds are not a playground. Dorr parks (both North and South Parks) have lovely playgrounds in them. Dorr Recreation has athletic programs going on all summer long and there are numerous other organizations around town where kids can be active or volunteer their time.
Natalie Bazan, Library Director

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