Army Bob: ‘Social Justice’ nothing less than socialism

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929 – 1968) American pastor, activist, humanitarian and leader.

Equal Opportunity or social justice? When did the civil rights movement morph into the social justice movement? In my opinion it happened when the socialist movement hijacked the civil rights movement for their own purposes, in the name of protest against our Constitutional Republic, capitalism and individual rights while supporting collective rights.

The social justice movement has attacked the memories of President Abraham Lincoln, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., President U.S. Grant, Frederick Douglas, Francis Scott Key, various Confederate leaders, WWII veterans, Viet Nam veterans, various graves and cemeteries, WWI memorials, various statutes to Spanish explorers in the southwest, along with memorials to various Catholic priests.

We add in explorer Kit Carson; even the Russians memorialized the founders of Alaska and dozens more. Virtually all memorials to our founding fathers or anyone not 100% perfect, meaning everyone (as no human is perfect), are destroyed. The vandals cite some action not deemed politically correct by today’s standards as justification. Even street signs and monuments to Rosa Parks were defaced; folks, you cannot make this stuff up.

During the holidays I viewed the latest movie about the Battle of Midway. In the closing credits, it stated that it was dedicated to the brave men who fought in the Battle of Midway, American and Japanese. In Germany, social clubs exist composed of the children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren of WWII German soldiers, to include the Waffen Schutzstaffel (SS).

Time heals all wounds as the saying goes, but not in a Socialist movement. History must be condemned in our nation to deny nationalism and celebrate new collectivism.

For socialism to flourish in the pure form it must condemn the history and past heroes of society. The nation targeted must be labeled as illegal, even criminal, and founded on social injustice. Interestingly, even socialist revolutions raise monuments to the heroes of the Socialist revolution.

In the former Soviet Socialist Republic, every city and town had a statue to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, who later took the name Lenin. You can’t go far in China and not see a monument to MaoTse-tung; in Venezuela Statues of Hugo Chavez abound.

This may come as a shock to the socialist movement, but Mao starved more than 20 million, Lenin also millions, and Chavez destroyed the lives of millions as well; no one, no human, no leader is perfect. To my leftist friends, if perfection is the standard, you lose before you start. Could the standard of perfection and denial of individual rights be the reason that no, none, not one socialist nation exists for long?

We need to ask: what have the Black Lives Matter folks done to improve the black lives that matter? The organization and others like it raised $41 million in one day and over $100 million in two weeks, a good bit more over the past 10 months.

White guilt has opened up the pocketbooks of millions who blindly contribute to the ‘organization du jour’ with no idea what they do with the money. Who cares? It makes them feel good and is the progressive thing to do.

The “Social Justice” movement, with a title that is not defined and so prophylactic in nature as to be everything the socialists wish it to be, will rule. It will rule at least for the next two years with the Democrats loving the hundreds of millions the corporate deities have paid it to end the fair-trade restrictions President Trump put on China.

I never thought I would see the day when the Democrats became the party of the corporate elite. Say what you may about President Trump, but he changed politics for the next 100 years. My opinion.


    • John Jones:
      Please enlighten me and I believe the rest of the world how Covid-19 is President Trump’s virus.
      Do you not believe it was manufactured in Communist China? Do you really think our President had our best scientists brew this virus in the tunnels of the White House, than have some CIA agent take it to Communist China and let it escape?
      It’s truly sad so many with the mindset as yours. Upon hearing, reading or seeing the Trump name the hate “boils” in them instantly.
      It has to be hard for many to accept that President Trump was not a politician, but a ” ruthless ” businessman elected to the office. Saying and promoting things the “common man” wanted. But being afraid to voice because of political correctness.
      Most should be happy now, the politicians are back, with the added “touch” of socialism and a slight “hint” of communism.

  • I knew you could not write a whole article with out mentioning your good loser Trump. You did not say if the loser changed politics for good or bad. But I already know your response. Just my opinion.

  • Mr. Jones and Mr. Longstreet,
    Thank you both for your comments, your eloquence is only surpassed by your intellect.

    • Your generosity towards mental midgets is commendable. I’m sure if the Devil himself were running for president, as long as he had a “D” next to his name, both skulls full of mush would vote for him…. oh, wait a minute, they did vote for dementia Joe and Marxist Kamala!
      Trump is and will be the best president ever!

      • Tread boy, you are far from a scholar. I know who you are.I know were you live, know your family. You are no mental scholar.

        • I highly doubt you know much about anything, as you have aptly displayed, let alone about me.
          Anyone who voted for dementia Joe should not cast aspertions about mental ability!
          You are humorous, I will give you that much!

    • My intellect is more sane than your one-sided opinion. Far right people like you are calling for violence in the next week to overturn the will of the American people. To you, that seems right? Trumpy is God. Do you have people in Dorr armed and ready? That’s what far right people do. Are the Proud boys coming over to hunt?

  • Mr. Longstreet,
    Sir, Is this a spoof? it has to be a spoof, no one is this unhinged. People in Dorr armed and ready? Calling for violence? I do not know nor have I ever met a Proud boy, President Trump a God? If this is not a spoof take a deep breath and calm down, please.
    Thank you for the comment.

    • Sadly, there’s no helping these people. All they know and can do is hate. I’m not sure what it was, but something about the President has literally turned these “people” into nothing more than creatures of hate and evil. If that’s all it took, I guess they really weren’t that far off to begin with.

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