Ranger Rick: The other side is spreading lying manure

In a recent post by my friend and colleague, the esteemed Army Bob, there were comments from readers about “Proud Boys” and “armed people” and “Trumpy had it made (COVID-19 Virus) by a corporation, you, know he did” and other such nonsense.

Never have I met a “Proud Boy,” nor has Army Bob.  We are proud men to have served our country, are proud citizens, and love our country.  If that is considered a proud USA lover, I confess I am.  As are others who either contribute to Townbroadcast or comment.

Many are also veterans and/or hard working Americans, trying to provide for their families and don’t have time to follow news and political claptrap.  Most don’t know what they don’t know, they’re too damn busy.

As for being armed, the 2nd Amendment allows all Americans to be who are mentally fit and legally (either with firearms permit, or concealed carry permit).  Personally, I don’t think a permit is needed to own a weapon, just a background check for wants, warrants, and history of mental problems and domestic violence.  I carry, not because I’m afraid, because I can.  It is better to have a weapon and not need it to find yourself defenseless.  Call law enforcement you say?  Wait until they show up if you are still alive so you can describe the offenders.

Our instructor for the concealed training was a police officer from a local police force.  He said if you own a pistol or revolver and don’t ever intend to use it, please leave the class .  Get a pump shotgun and have it handy in your house.  If you hear someone in the house, yell “I have a weapon” and rack the slide to put a shell in the chamber (locked and loaded) with buckshot.  They usually get the picture and leave.  If not, your weapon is more powerful and probably more accurate than anything they might posses.

If you are too scared to use a weapon and defending yourself without a weapon, good luck.  It will take law enforcement minutes to get to your location, if you can get through 911.  I was asked why I carry from a smug liberal friend of mine, I told her a cop was too heavy to carry.  A stupid joke for sure, but true.

As for the comment about President Trump having the COVID-19 manufactured by a corporation… are you from this planet?  That would be President- elect Biden with his good friends, the Chinese.  I’m not saying he was part of it, but I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese to unleash such a pandemic to help Biden with his claptrap about Trump not doing enough to defeat COVID.

Look at all the masking, social distancing, and now vaccines (Trump created – Project Warp Speed) and “essential businesses” staying open for groceries and essential services, but not restaurants.  Some of these establishments are trying to stay alive by takeout, many have declared they will be closing, many to never open again.  Pizza places are probably doing well as liquor stores; selling booze, beer and cigarettes.

All those precautions have proven unsuccessful in slowing the pandemic for a large part of the country.  California is at the center of a recent outbreak.  Other states are doing well, some without and or little precautions.  How can this be?  I guess they lie about their numbers of infected and dead?

More mental health issues, domestic abuse, children failing school by virtual learning, suicide rates are up, murder and rape numbers are exploding, especially in Democrat states and cities now that police are being defunded and disgraced by the ones having jurisdiction over them.

Happy New Year to all readers of Townbroadcast.  May Covid-19 pass and leave our midsts.  Have faith in God and yourselves.  Government …. not so much.

The rotting of America from within continues… 


  • Funny how you state that you feel the need to always be armed not because you’re scared, and then you follow that with two paragraphs describing your fear of being unarmed.

  • Mr. Gless,
    You are a thinking man, evidently with an education, so answer me this:
    What is the purpose of federal, state, county, and local governments?

  • Is this your spoof, Army Bob violence by your far right Republicans? Look at the capitol, must be a spoof. Is your Idol hiding in his bunker?

    • Mr. Longstreet,
      Here we go again, blaming a columnist in small town Michigan for violence in the Capital goes to your unhealthy hate. You are beginning to concern me, saying you know where DTOM lives and who he is, could be taken as a threat. Please take a breath and calm down, please. Apparently your previous unhinged comments were not a spoof that is concerning.

      • I did not blame you personally if you read my comment it says violence by far right republicans which you claim to be. I have no hatred in me at all not even a mean bone. I have never threatened anyone. As for DTOM he seems to know everybodys IQ but his own. He wants to keep his ID hush hush I just let him know hes not doing a good job at that. Calm down I an not unhinged.

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