Army Bob: OK, Mr. Biden. You won. So now what?

by Robert M. Traxler

Janet Hook and Evan Helper of the Los Angeles Times basically said that President-elect Joe Biden kept his number one campaign promise, so the other campaign promises do not matter.

The number one promise was beating President Donald Trump. They went on to say that President Biden will not be able to keep his campaign promises because there is opposition in the Congress. Welcome to our two-party system and our adversarial system of government. Have you ever heard of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the resistance?

The President-elect Biden transition team calls for unity, really? The President Trump haters, the resistance who called for verbally and physically attacking Trump supporters, are calling for unity. Folks, who can make this stuff up? The socialists who called for and are still calling for the blackballing and the shunning of members of the current administration are calling for us to unite under them; so just how does that work?

I listened to President-elect Biden speak on his administration. It was a short speech by political standards, around six minutes; he never once bragged about the abilities of his choices for cabinet posts, but instead about their minority status. Apparently, socialists do not care about abilities; the color of their skin and gender matter more than the content of their character.

The Reverend Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave. President-elect Biden said, “I will have the most diverse government ever.” It would be nice if he just once commented on their competence and experience.

President-elect Biden did not serve in the military because of a medical condition; I am waiting for the snarky comments from all of those who mocked President Trump for the medical condition deferring him from the draft. Will we ever see the anti-Trump left being fair and consistent on that subject? Not a chance in hell.

We were told not to be concerned with President-elect Biden’s age, 78, because his father lived to be 86. OK, but what was his father’s physical and mental condition the last eight years of his life, and did his Dad have his finger on the nuclear holocaust button?

President-elect Biden has problems keeping focus and linking his words; like him or not, you must admit he is not razor sharp any more. As President Barack Obama said when his vice president said something stupid, “That’s Joe being Joe.”

President Obama said not to be concerned with “Joe’s age” because he will have sharp people around him advising him. What a relief — we will have a group of unelected policy wonks making the life-or-death decisions. President-elect Biden has referred to ‘President-elect Harris’ a number of times, and a ‘Harris-Biden’ administration as well. Are you trying to tell us something Mr. President-elect?

Lets’ think about then Vice President Biden complimenting President Obama for not taking his advice on killing Osama Bin Laden. Vice President Biden said he argued against the military action to kill the architect of 9-11, but President Obama was smart in not taking his advice and went ahead anyway.

If I were a terrorist, I would be sharpening my muhaddab, looking for infidels to behead. A fully progressive government will understand and tolerate Islamic terrorists; they are victims of the Israeli Jews and American capitalism after all. Victims of Jews and capitalism? Sound familiar? Worldwide fascism in the first half of the 20th century.

Let’s look at the “defund the police” movement and the understandable backlash from minority communities to its insane objective of strangling law enforcement in favor of a socialist/social service/justice approach.

Two givens in law enforcement go back to the days of Sir Robert Peeler, the father of “modern law enforcement,” who founded the Metropolitan Police in London in 1829, in a place near Scotland Yard. He stated that 1) lighting prevents crime, and 2) police presence prevents crime.

The poor, crime-ridden neighborhoods in cities that defunded or reduced law enforcement presence have seen an explosion in violent crime; not unexpected by anyone who has studied criminology or ever served in law enforcement, but shocking to the social justice movement.

Common sense is not so common in the social justice movement; good feelings and lofty goals rule, common sense not so much. My opinion.


  • Army Bob
    An excellent article. Sir all you say will never resonate with those that had so much hatred for past President Trump. The communistic cocialist movement had started it’s brainwashing four years ago.
    The movement is well under way to the fall of our democracy as we know it. Be prepared to adapt to the movement of communism/socialism as the new government.
    It is happening and so few can recognize it.

  • Attitudes like yours will make things a lot better. Dig the grave before the death. Trump’s well qualified staff he hired did not last more than a year. He or she are going to do a wonderful job two weeks later gone. Biden’s defund the police was another Trump lie. All you Trump people said we have a non-political person in office, things will get better. Look what happened: Covid not addressed and violence everywhere. Just my opinion

    • Mr. Longstreet,
      Do you happen to remember what was said about President Trump, starting WWIII, reinstalling slavery, taking the vote away from women? And more?
      Thanks for the comment.

      • I notice everybody who agrees with you gets two lips on the butt. Disagree with never wrong AB, you get worthless comments like WWIII slavery and women not voting. What does that say about you? A man lost in a no more Trump era. just my opinion

  • So eager to condemn and vilify Biden before he even takes the oath of office. Talk about hate. Where is the condemnation for Trump inciting a riot? Where is the condemnation for the gross mishandling of the Trump virus that has infected 21million Americans and killed 350,000 and killing more every day. keep drinking the kool-aid.

    • Mr Beck,

      Do you suffer from amnesia? Your liberal friends were screaming impeachment before President Trump took office. Though you probably don’t consider that hate……………Typical liberal…………..


  • Mr. Beck, as usual, wrong again.
    It is the Communist Chinese Coronavirus, you know, Biden crime family’s new pals and benefactors. I’m sure the offshore banking institutions will be getting huge shipments of cash, account numbers, and probably that fine Chinese fentynal and cocaine for Hunter’s habits. Isn’t life wonderful… when you’re HIGH!?

  • Thanks Army Bob, for yet another reminder that some people only see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, and interpret everything to match their pre-conceived notions. The clarity of such omniscience is truly comforting for those of us who aren’t so gifted.

    • Mr. Bergerson,
      Sir, Thanks for the comment.
      A new word for me “omniscience” it is a good day when an old guy learns something new, thanks again.

    • You are so correct… the complete, unabridged, description of a Democrat! Mr. Bergeron, you are magnificent, thank you for your input!

  • DTOM
    I expect you can testify better about life being great when you are high than I can.
    Hope you get vaccinated against the Trump Virus so your insightful, often wrong, never in doubt comment continue.

    • Mr. Beck,
      Thank you for your insightful comments, a result of a clear, cool, and collected mind!

      Of course you voted for a dementia patient and a Marxist, so I expect your hate of the most productive president we’ve ever had, You approve of no ID for voting, ballots sent out unsolicited and cheating Dominion voting machines. Remember when dementia Joey declared on Tues. night Trum will be ahead, but wait for the other (make-up) ballots to be counted!
      Cheat’in Joe was right on and the media cheered him on. Of course, he didn’t know what he said or where he was at the time.

  • Army Bob back to verbal bomb thrower mode and acting as if the Trump Presidency should be treated like a 4 season dream sequence in a TV drama.

    Less than four years ago Army Bob Traxler was telling us President Trump was a victim of old white guy discrimination. Looks like there’s been a warp speed change of heart with former VP Biden’s election.

    Army Bob Traxler is the same person who wrote that President Trump was really a “centrist”. If that’s the case, Mr Traxler’s idea of centrism must include planting the seeds of doubt about the viability of the US electoral system and tacitly sitting by refusing to act as Trump supporters, many of whom believe Trump’s stolen election blather vandalized our nation’s Capital.

    It’s clear what kind of President Army Bob Traxler values. Thankfully that candidate lost the November 2020 election.

  • Mr. Beck,
    Why do you “expect” DTOM is a drug user? Other than he disagrees with you? Please provide some proof.

  • Mr. Traxler
    I did not say DTOM was a drug user so don’t make false accusations. Where did you see me say DTOM was a drug user? BY the way, TRUMP-MAGA, TRUMP-MAGA.
    Trump did what Clinton, BUSH and OBAMA could not do. MAGA. He gave the Presidency to a Democrat. He gave the Senate to Democrats. He gave the House of Representatives to Democrats. HE MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    • Mr. Beck,
      The sentence “I expect you can testify better about life being great when you are high than I can.” I considered a reference to being high from drug use my apologies.

    • Spoken like a true Marxist. You’ll see how great the Demorats are very soon. Higher taxes, no fracking – higher gas prices, more handouts, open borders – come on in! Unsafe dealings with foreign powers, buying peace by giving billions like Obama, China crushing us economically and stealing secrets. Old dementia Joey will line his criminal family pockets with cash before checking into a nursing home! Yup, sure looks like a great deal to me.

  • Mr. Traxler
    See DTOM posting of Jan8 2021. You will see he made reference to being high. I was simply echoing his comment. No apology required.

    • Evidently you can’t put into context or understand the written English word. Your pal, Plugs Biden son Hunter, will be getting all the drugs he wants from China. The”high” you reference maybe should be applied to you and Hunter.

      No apology required, however, you may want get your eyes checked or psychological exam may be in order. You can’t distinguish reality from bullshit – typical Democrat

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