Ranger Rick: What if the South had attacked D.C.?

Looking back:

I often wonder what kind of world we would be living in if General Robert E. Lee had acquiesced to General “Stonewall” Jackson’s asking for 10,000 troops to march against Washington D.C. after their battle with the Union Army at Antietam.

The capital was relatively undefended and easy for the picking.  The war would have been over.  But Lee told Jackson to rest his men, they fought well and deserved the rest.

General Jackson, probably the best the South had to offer, was a master tactician and knew how and where to strike the Union to do the most damage.  Hit and run and fight again was his best use of men and resources.

Before you accuse me of supporting slavery, nothing could be further from the truth.  Slavery was dying and the South knew it.  They were fighting for an idea and way of life that was fading fast.  But the genteel way of living was much better than the carpetbaggers soon to invade the South after the war.  The industrialized North did and could stand on the neck of the South because they were the victors, gutting the South of people and resources.  To the victor go the spoils.

For those young enough to learn anything about history, please know this.  The Democrats were from the South.  The Republicans were from the North.  Now it has overwhelmingly flipped.  The Democrats supported slavery — they still do but under a different name — Uncle Sam’s welfare and goodies for those supporting the Democrats to power.

The cities most  African-Americans and Hispanics are in are the forgotten piles of what were once vibrant and flourishing cities —Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Detroit, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta and more.  No police, defund the police!

And we wonder why things are the way they are now?

In the present:

Closer to home, a report from my state Sen. Aric Nesbitt is holding the governor accountable for the disastrous Unemployment Insurance Agency.  How many of hard working, taxpaying Michiganders fought like hell to get their unemployment insurance while criminals were pilfering the system of over $1 billion?  Fraudulent claims were honored by the same administration that prides itself on efficiency and effectiveness… for criminals.  Maybe the governor should pay more attention to her administration instead of applying grease to her face for all her TV interviews.  What is that, 30 weight Pennzoil?

Where is the outrage?

Also, she sent  COVID-19 positive patients to nursing homes.  Sound like any other governor you know who won an Emmy for his reports to the citizens?  Many seniors in Michigan and New York died.  We know who ordered their demise.  Where are the lawsuits?

Where is the outrage?

Looking to the future:

Now that dementia patient president-elect “Plugs” Joey Biden and communist vice-president elect Kamala Harris are almost to the finish line, let’s take a breath and bow our heads for those injured and killed during the recent demonstration at the Capitol.  This was a out of control bunch and should be identified, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This should not have happened.  Mayor Bowser denied additional support to protect the House and Senate days before it happened. Oops, another bad Bowser call.

Luckily they weren’t BLM or Antifa or the place would have burned down.

You ever notice the demonstration at the capital that turned into an invasion of the People’s House and Senate were termed as rioters by the media, whereas the rioting, looting and burning of buildings in many cities last summer were peaceful demonstrators?  As my friend Army Bob would say “folks, you can’t make this stuff up.”

Well, Army Bob, you are wrong!  They make it up ever damn day — the media lies and lies and the gullible suck it up like pigs at the trough.  ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and all the other alphabet soup news out there. Watch one and quickly turn the channel.  They all say the same thing, the same way, every time.  No inflection changes, speech pattern the same, voices the same, asking the same dumb questions and stating the same insipid, stupid, ridiculous things.

Where is the unbiased reporting? This is what happened, why it happened, and who was involved?  No leading questions, nothing but the facts and let the viewer determine the outcome. Or are we all deemed so stupid we can’t follow the bouncing ball?

Yes, corporations are controlling us

My editor and benefactor in letting me contribute my piece every week was right on, as sorry as I have to admit, he was right, damn, he was right.  The corporations are now controlling us.  Everyone from working on the farm, your neighbors, to every corporate boardroom,  media moguls, politicians, world leaders and everyone in between.

The Google, Facebook and Amazons of the world control us.

They control what we see, what we hear, how we communicate (or not), and who is on their shit-list this week.  David, you were and are correct.  I stand corrected and agree with your jaded, but correct assessment.

But who is to blame… look in the mirror.  We want it now, we can’t wait, we want it easy, we don’t want to work for it. Charge it, I’ll pay for it later.  What debt? I can’t be bothered by that now.  As consumers and as government hacks, we have no discipline, no control, no life.

We have lost our souls to the corporations.  George Orwell’s “1984” was right on years before we realized it.

Oh, and please, please, please — we don’t live in a “democracy.”  We are a republic.  A republic with self interested politicians who all come home millionaires on $175,000 per year at the national level, insider trading bastards and we keep voting them into office year after year after year.

Our state changed that, now I think is the time to go federal with term limits.  If it’s good enough for Plugs, it should be good enough for every politician.  But of course Plugs had a 47-year head start!

Remember I said I would treat our new president just like they treated President Trump… I promise.  Congratulations Plugs!  May your crime family prosper.

The rotting of America from within continues… 


  • Mr. Ranger Rick,
    I use a more measured tone than you, however you make an excellent point, treating President Elect Biden in the same way President Trump was treated is indeed fair.

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