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Allegan County’s death toll from Covid-19 now at 92

The death toll from the Covid-19 virus in Allegan County over the past week has increased from 87 to 92, but the infection rate has continued to decline, getting as low as 6 percent in Michigan a couple of days ago.

This temporary good news comes in the wake of a surge since before the holidays, when there were just 50 deaths in the county, and worries about a more contagious strain making the rounds in this state.

The county’s number of cases now is 6,580, and the number of those regarded as recovered now is 5,407 and 165 people from the county are hospitalized with the Coronavirus.

Michigan’s seven-day case rate had been going down steadily for more than six weeks until just before the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. State officials credited the health department’s shutdown of in-person high school instruction and meetings of more than a dozen people indoors

Schools in Allegan County remain under a rating of “D” from the health department, which is one level above insistence on all virtual learning. Hopkins and Wayland continue on a hybrid model with in-person instruction for half of the students on Mondays and Thursdays and Tuesdays and Fridays for the other half. Wednesdays are reserved all virtual classes and for “catch-up” and special help.

Martin has been operating on a five-days-a-week in-person model because it has smaller classes.

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