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Emergency personnel work together well in ice rescue

The Yankee Springs and Wayland Fire Department personnel were able to rescue a man who fell through the ice at Gun Lake Thursday.

With help from Orangeville Township, Thornapple Emergency Services, Martin TTownship Fire and Rescue, Michigan State Police, WAEMS and first responders, they were able to clear the scene with the victim able to go home to warm up with minor injuries.

A spokesman for the Yankee Springs and Wayland departments said, “We would like to take a minute to thank those involved in our response to an ice rescue incident of a person who had fell through the ice this morning on Gun Lake. Seconds are minutes in an emergency.”

The spokesman said prior to all the mutual aid agencies’ arrival, the man had managed to get on top of the ice as it kept breaking when he would try to get out and roll away from the hole to which he had fallen through.

“He was immediately put in our rescue unit to warm up, as well as being checked out by WAEMS,” the spokesman added.

“Last, but not least, was the great job done by the Barry County Central Dispatch personnel. They kept the caller on the phone line to keep responding agencies up to date on the status of the person in the water. I’m sure they were handling other calls over and above our incident.

“It was very helpful in getting the updates as well as finding out how many personnel we had responding, etc. It was a great outcome to report as the person had some injuries from the ice’s sharp edges.”

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