Latest contact sports delay arouses ire of area parents

Parents in these parts, as well as those all around the state, are most unhappy with the latest health department order delaying the start of contact winter sports such as basketball and wrestling, until Feb. 21.

Nate Warsen posted on the Wayland basketball Facebook page, “I am sure most of you know, the order for winter, contact sports has been extended until February 21. The calendar will be updated to reflect that change as games, at this point, can not start until after that date. We are still able to practice, without contact, which we will continue to do moving forward.”

The photos are of the Ludema girls and Justin Holtz of Wayland, and photos with “Let Thm Play” were posted for Mady and Colin Weber of Hopkins.

The only upside in the most recent Covid-19 updates was that restaurants will be allowed to reopen for indoor dining at 25 percent capacity starting Feb. 1.


  • How about #LetThemLearn!?
    Schools should be focused on providing education. Sports should not be the focus at this time, especially contact sports.

    • Schools should be in session and not virtual at all. Young people do not suffer from Covid. If teachers are so scared to do their jobs, replace them. Life goes on.

      The governor must open up the economy before there’s nothing left to open. Get people working again. Essential workers have been working for months without and increase of infections while doing so. Mask up, social distance, back to work. Get to it!

    • Exactly wildcat. So let’s forgo sports for the remainder of this school year and focus on in person learning. Let’s put the emphasis where it belongs on education, not sports. It’s time for parents to get their priorities in line. School is for learning. Let’s get to it.

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