Are white supremacist terrorists living among us?

To the editor:

According to Speaker of the House Nancy Patricia Pelosi, and the sage of the House of Representatives, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, there is a direct threat to the American government and the American way of life from Republican members of the House and their staff.

According to the Speaker and AOC, Republicans have relinquished fidelity to former President Trump and sworn loyalty to right wing white supremacist groups. Both Democratic elected officials said that on the same day on different cable news programs. Do you or anyone reading this genuinely believe any member of Congress could be a member of a right-wing white supremacist group, and opposition researchers paid big money to dig up dirt on candidates running for office and their staffs never uncovered it?

Interesting that the charge was made but no names were given nor proof offered; it goes without saying that the reporters on MSNBC and CNN never questioned the outrageous charges, both nodding their heads in agreement.

Years ago, I was on a counterterrorism working group in the Tidewater area of Virginia, stationed at Fort Eustis in the Military Police. We had representatives from the FBI, ATF and many other federal agencies; the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. The FBI regularly briefed us on a Ku Klux Klan group in North Carolina on the Virginia border in our area of concern. The group had nine members; two were paid informants of the FBI and one was a covert ATF agent.

Phones were tapped, meetings were recorded and surveilled, every move monitored. Today we are supposed to believe that members of Congress and staff are secretly members of white supremacist terrorist groups and a threat to our democracy. Folks, you cannot make this stuff up. Members of Congress and staff are required to maintain a Security Clearance, with the in-depth investigations that are required. Add on that the leftist/socialist media has given every person in every Republican’s office an anal exam and this is beyond asinine.

Quite frankly, I tire of people in leftist/socialist government/media telling me I am (and by the way most of you are) a terrorist. The goal is to scare anyone who voted for President Trump into abandoning principles and join in the glorious people’s revolution. Social media, most news media outlets, and even entertainment television are their weapons of choice; it is part and parcel of the “cancel culture.”

If any of you know of the plethora of white supremist groups in Dorr, Moline, Hopkins, Wayland or Martin, please let me know. We must have dozens if we believe Speaker Pelosi, AOC and the media; with all the Trump voters we have we must be a terrorist stronghold.

Strange, but I do not see it, I see good solid American folks who work hard, pay taxes, raise children, love the country and have malice toward no one. Proof positive of my ignorance, because that cannot be true — just ask the Speaker, AOC and the media.

Social media billionaires censoring speech for profit is not liberal.

Robert M. Traxler, Dorr Township


  • Bob,
    These are labels, nothing more. The intent is to divide America along ideological lines and to portray those labeled as people who can’t be reasoned with. Nothing could be further from the truth, as most of us would like to simply be left alone.

    The pretext for this next level deployment of labels were the sad events of January 6th, which disgusted all rational Americans at least as much as Antifa terrorizing regular citizens for months on end.

    The labels they use are to dehumanize a segment of the population in preparation to destroy their way of life, and them, if necessary. Quite ironically those calling people Nazis use the same tactics employed by actual German Nazis. Along with BLM and Antifa thugs enforcing chaos in the streets and extracting corporate obedience to their new Reich.

    When people are called bigots and white supremacists for daring to speak up for law and order, real national borders, legal immigration, racial equality and a “colorblind society,” something is horribly wrong.

    • MacDougal
      Thanks for the comment. Once again you are spot on, you made the point better than I and in fewer words.
      Thanks again.

  • What do you call this nut job, a patriot? You must not be aware of the outlandish statements she has made, you better look her up online.
    McConnell: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s views are a ‘cancer’ for the GOP

    • Gee, Jonny Boy, what ever happened to honoring different opinions? Guess we live in the USSR under Old Joe? The Democrats and Joe lie daily and no pushback from the media. You wanted this mental midget as president, you and your party deal with this imbecile.

      • You are the last person to honor different opinions. Gee, Tread Boy, we must still be living in the loser Trump era. I am sure glad your Donny boy never lied? No pushback.

    • Just as an aside, using McConnell as your yardstick really doesn’t get you very far. Speaking of cancerous people…

      • McConnell was your hero when he kissed Donny’s ass. What happened with that? Did he wake up? Maybe he should send you an alarm clock!

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