Ranger Rick: Covid persists, despite Biden taking over

Now that Jospeh R. Biden Jr. is president, Covid-19 is disappearing,  right?  Really… it isn’t?

But Joe told us once he was elected and his administration took over, they would listen to the experts (who have been wrong on so many things) because Trump didn’t care.  Even though he started Project Warp Speed to get a vaccine in record time.

Biden has since taken over and the vaccine rollout has had starts and stops.  Now it was reported the people in Guantanamo were going to get the vaccine shot before Americans?  WTH!  The scum of the earth was going to get vaccines before Americans?  Joe, tell me it ain’t so!

Well with a dementia riddled old man as president, I can understand his state of mind being confused.  Maybe he thought they said Georgia instead of Guantanamo?  Or maybe he forgot  where it was and who was there?

I’m sure the majority of Americans are so glad Joe has signed 20-plus executive orders to stop the Trump growth and opportunity.  That dastardly Keystone Pipeline was ordered shut down, so 11,000 union workers were immediately fired.  Hey union folks, did you vote for Joe?  If yes, wish you could have do-overs?  You may want to buy some Preparation H to help your affliction.

Michigan’s growing dilemma with oil

Now that oil being produced in Canada will be shipped by rail or truck, a disaster waiting to happen instead of a safe pipeline.  I remember all the consternation about the Alaska Exxon Pipeline, how it would be an ecological disaster and harm wildlife.

Guess the reindeer didn’t get the message.  They congregate under the pipeline to stay warm in the winter and get to forage quicker due to the heat generated by the oil flow.  Of course, the oil produced on the northern slope of Alaska and sent by ship doesn’t come to the United States, contrary to popular opinion, it goes to Japan.

Remember the Exxon Valdez.  See what happens when oil is shipped by truck, rail or ship.  The accidental spill rate goes up exponentially.

Now Michigan is fighting the tunnel idea for the oil and gas pipeline underneath the Straits of Mackinac.  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, being the green weenie Democrat she has to be, would rather have trucks and rail ship the oil/gas.  The pipeline has been there almost 70 years without incident and the company wants to further the safety of the pipeline by drilling a tunnel under the straits to protect the pipeline.

Whitmer has dug in her heels and will fight the tunnel idea.  I guess the Holland tunnel to Canada is OK, but a tunnel for oil/gas isn’t?  This is an argument not scientifically or common-sense in Whitmer’s wheelhouse, as evidenced in her poor judgment in the Covid-19 pandemic overview.

Let’s shut down the economy of the whole state because I say so.  But now that Joe is in office, let’s open up the economy, it’s safe because Joe says it is… a dementia patient?

Dr. Fauci as clueless as most about the pandemic

The holy Dr. Fauci, the one person that has given us bullshit information from the beginning saying we don’t need masks and if you have a cruise booked, go and have a good time!  Then after all the pressure by Democrats to relent, he finally agreed masks are a good thing, social distancing is a must.  The public overwhelmingly complied, and masks became mandatory.  Businesses were closed, many forever.  Only “essential businesses” were allowed to stay open.

Dr. Fauci recently said two masks  were better than one.  What?  Really, two were better.  If that is true, why wouldn’t three be better than two, four better than three, until the amount stopped passage of oxygen and you passed out!  I guess he got the tongue lashing from Joe and/or his administration and he backed off the two mask idea.

Dr. Fauci is just as clueless as most about this pandemic.  He’s blurting out what he thinks and everyone takes what he says as gospel.  What should be done is a background check on what investments he has in mask, vaccine and protective wear manufacturers.  I bet we would find very interesting information on Dr. Fauci and his wealth accumulation from the beginning of the pandemic to now.

Yes, I wear a mask, and I social distance.  More for others protection than my own.  I believe in science, but not in Democratic horse manure spouted by politicians telling me what I must do to stay alive.

Media didn’t practice fair and equal treatment

From the time President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president to his last day and beyond, he was and is hounded by the media, investigations, Democrats, and Establishment Republicans.

Millions of dollars were spent on Russia, Russia, Russia, and other investigations and nothing came out of it.  Wasted money and energy.  For all the advances and improvements he made for all Americans, just think what he could have done if he would have had a fair media, a few cooperative Democrats and Establishment Republicans.

So much was done, just as he promised.  What other politician can you mention that actually did what they said they would do?  NONE, NADA, ZIP!

I said I would treat President Biden like President Trump was treated.  Old Joe has not a clue what is going on because he has handlers to help him.  If he lasts two years before Kamala takes over will be a miracle.  And then changes will really happen as Kamala is an avowed Marxist.  Joe is a bullshitter, a 47+ year politician with no major accomplishments other than plagiarism of other’s writing.

Everyone likes him in the Senate because he stayed out of hard issues and let the Democrat leadership kill the country.  He was getting his, and his crime family is rubbing their hands together because they know they will not be investigated for their transgressions, past and future.

There are no honest media to do any in-depth investigation into Hunter and Joe’s brothers.  The media is dead.

The rotting of America from within continues… in earnest!

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  • RR,

    Once again well stated. The progressive liberal left hate those pesky little facts you presented. Lets see if anyone has the courage to take on the items brought forth. Great job!!


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