Army Bob: So just what is this Antifa movement?

by Robert M. Traxler

“Merriam-Webster defines fascism as a ‘political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.’

“If that sounds like something you’re against, then guess what, you’re an anti-fascist. Welcome to Antifa, you’ll be getting your membership card never.” — Mr. Broke Ass Stuart.

Well, Mr. Broke Ass Stuart, the definition you quote says if you are against socialism you are a member of Antifa. A centralized government, an all-powerful central government is socialist/leftist, headed by a dictatorial leader; socialism always ends with a dictatorial leader. Sever economic and social regimentation, one size government fits all, the central government controlling your life from birth to death, wages and prices; socialism in its purest form. Forceable suppression of opposition, censorship, bans on gatherings of groups not politically correct; socialism as practiced more and more today under the false flag of the radical left banning hate speech and “The Big Lie.”

It is amusing that Antifa is against what the socialists/leftists are for, but they are allies? Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Ignorance abounds with the Antifa types; they only know that dressing up in black costumes and attacking the symbols of a free nation is a fun thing to do and a cheap date.

Add in our new Vice President Kamala Harris arranging payment of their bail and legal defense funds, and life is good. Someone needs to give these folks a basic history lesson; in all fascist revolutions, the socialists used the groups like Antifa, and then eliminated them when they achieved control of the nation.

The very violent German Brown shirts or S.A. were reorganized into the S.S. after the National Socialists came to power, and the leaders of the S.A. murdered or encouraged to commit suicide. So, to the folks in the Antifa groups, beware of what you wish for as you may get it. Pure German socialists who would not allow nationalism or religion were also eliminated; the first German concentration camps were established for them to be “re-educated.”

A classic example of the socialist left changing its tune after it came into power was Ms. Michelle Obama saying that she was never proud of her country until her organization came into power. Ms. Obama even became active in military family support groups, an action that would never had happened unless she felt it was useful, and her side currently approved of nationalism.

Socialists are always against nationalism until they run a nation; at that point, nationalism is politically correct and not only acceptable but celebrated because it is useful tool for them. Pure socialists are anti-religion, any religion; socialist leaders knowing that anti-religion policy will not allow them to gain power, and at least initially do not condemn religion. However, they do control it and in many socialist nations have an official religion, like the Baathist (National Socialist) government in The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Perhaps the smallest list in the world is the Antifa members in Dorr, Martin, Hopkins, Moline and Wayland who read the Town Broadcast so this will not warn any Antifa types — too bad.

Liberals, who were once the champions of free speech, are remaining deaf and dumb while billionaires censor speech for profit. It may be socialist/leftist, but it is not liberal/progressive. Are there any true liberals who are not intimidated by the cancel culture and media with the intestinal fortitude to speak? No?

This should concern those who support free speech. The question is, do they truly support free speech, or politically correct censored speech? The answer is becoming clearer every day; the mantra is “The Big Lie” code word, dog whistle, rationale for massive censorship on a national scale.

Taking a billion from big business monopolies and supporting censorship of competing businesses to allow the 21st century Robber Barons to become even more obscenely rich is not liberal.

My opinion.


  • Army Bob
    You may be correct about membership onto Antifa , the Proud Boys, or radical militia groups in this area. This does not mean many do not except their methods.
    How can a true Liberal ( old stanch Democratic) voice opposition when they are so vastly out numbered. Not only by their “new” party, but also the vast amount of Republicans who wouldn’t listen anyway.
    We have just witnessed our former President who accomplished some very good things for the Country. Because of not being a politician and couldn’t ” be handled ” played right into the hands of those radical groups like Antifa, the Ptoud Boys and radical militia organizations. Speaking words and phrases a rational person would understand…but to these extremists were the orders they needed ( from our President) to storm the Capital of the United States.
    The Republicans have been played and very successfully. We now have a Vice-President with Socialist/ Marxist ideologies.
    We must also remember our past President is one of those billionaires you speak of. The Republican Party is slowly being destroyed from within. Noone wants to believe more and more Republicans are seeing hope in groups like the Proud Boys, radical militia organizations, and Antifa. Whom they believe will help us keep our freedoms thru violence.
    If President Biden can keep Harris and her “gang” at bay, the old Liberals and old Republicans will emerge to stop the Socialism of the United States.

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