Army Bob: Defund police and the crime rate goes up

by Robert M. Traxler

We must “reimagine” policing: the mantra of the post George Floyd America.  Police budgets were cut, police officers terrified of losing their freedom, homes, families, and worldly possessions for doing their job as trained.

They are not aggressively looking for criminal activity but going into badge defilade, out of fear of any criticism or charge, founded or not. Mere allegations were the kiss of death for a police officer; all were guilty until proven innocent, and even if proven innocent, it was denied by the media/leftists.

This column wrote months ago that the natural outcome of the defund the police movement would be increased crime and a pile of dead bodies. It was roundly criticized.

The city council of Minneapolis has just quietly and unanimously approved $6.4 million to hire and train new police officers, and to rehire former officers — imagine that? The defund the police movement had wall to wall media coverage, “experts,” talking heads who maintained that defunding could be accomplished with no increase in crime, indeed the opposite — the people would be safer, particularly in minority communities.

Well, perhaps the talking heads need to read history, perhaps they need to take an Introduction to Criminal Justice course? Remove the police and crime increases, always has, always will. In the absence of police, “Vigilance Committees,” shortened to vigilantes, will be organized by the law-abiding members of a community, and protect their communities outside of the law. Always have, always will, as again happened this time.

Dozens of stories are found on the back pages of the news and not covered by the mainstream, establishment, Socialist media, attesting to good folks taking the law into their own hands when the police were defunded or forced into badge defilade out of concern for their freedom, and being judged by mob rule. Stories of vastly increasing crime/murder rates were downplayed or not covered at all. Murder rates doubling and tripling in many cities went unreported.

Search the Internet and you will see support for the defund the police movement, stories of how well it will work to transfer money to social services agencies and away from the police. Well, duh, it has not worked, and the leftist cities are clandestinely refunding the police. The saints in the media and the anti-police movement will never have to admit they were wrong, and millions suffered, and thousands indeed died under their asinine theories.

The left wanted it to be true that defunding the police would result in safer streets, so they simply believed it and preached it as gospel. No foundation, no studies, no history, it was true because the social justice movement says it is. They wished it to be, and the media printed it as a slam dunk fact.

In the future, awards will be given to the defund the police folks, galas and balls will be held, accolades will be bestowed upon them for their concern for the poor and minorities, and the surging crime rates with its body count will be ignored. Folks, you cannot make this stuff up. “Social justice” outweighs justice in the eyes of the leftists; thousands of victims and dead are acceptable in the name of fostering social justice. And once again the poor and minorities pay the price for the academic elite in the social justice movement to play god, enacting truly dumb-ass social policies.

Good folks are leaving cities and large states in droves; the cost of living, cost of housing, crime, high taxes, poor schools, and crumbling infrastructure are causing folks to move from California to Arizona, New York to Texas, New England to the Carolinas and Georgia. Detroit is a shadow of its former self; time for the cities to wake up and see what four generations of leftist/Democrat administrations have done to them.

Will they? No chance, the left see itself as always right and never wrong. If people leave cities, it is their own fault as they are too stupid to see how wonderful socialism is and how smart the leftists running the cities are. My opinion.


    • Mr Jones
      It is truly amazing and unbelievable all the exquisite comments you come up with.
      You surely must of been the leader of your high school debate team.

  • Defunding the police is not the answer. All police forces have two out of ten that are far right extremists. That should not defund the 80% who care. 20% get all the coverage 80% are forgotten. Why would anyone want to be a Police officer a Teacher or a public official. Any left right or socialist liberal cult is going to capitalize on every story they can blow up to influence there base. You always hate a cop till you need one!!!

    • 20% Are “far right extremists”? Got any support for that? Who defines what a “far right extremist” is? A leftist? I suppose this goes for the military as well since that’s The President’s latest narrative.

      I will readily acknowledge and agree that Derek Chauvin kneeling for a prolonged period on the neck of a cuffed George Floyd appear consistent with racism, bigotry and/or great disregard for human life. I also want the left to acknowledge that this creature, Chauvin was employed in a city run pretty much exclusively by Democrats for over 50 years, and that it is highly unlikely that any Republican elected officials had anything to do with him continuing to be employed by the city of Minneapolis after numerous prior complaints.

      I think in a world with abundant body and dash cameras we see a lot of examples highlighted where individual members of law enforcement display behavior inconsistent with public service. It is clearly a problem. Nonetheless, we must be careful not to apply a stereotype to all law enforcement and assume that this is how most of them behave.

      The current environment seems to define a far right extremist as someone that supports or advocates for things like:
      -Free speech
      -The Constitution
      -The 2nd Amendment
      -Opposition to open borders
      -A colorblind society, where all are equal under the law.
      -That Government give priority to American Citizens and the interests of our nation.
      -Election security

      News Flash: At least 78 Million Normal Americans of all races, creeds and religions view such people as Patriots and ordinary Americans. It’s also probably a lot more than 20% of our police and military.

      If anyone wants to reset their paradigm by seeing real “far right extremists”, please seek out Blood in The Face, the only honest documentary done by Michigan’s own Michael Moore back in the mid 1980s. Clips of it can be seen on YouTube. Thankfully, the world today has far fewer people like the ones who are the subject of that film.

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