Army Bob: Obama’s do-nothing policy has consequences with ISIL

Army Bob Salutesby Robert M. Traxler

Six weeks have passed since we last checked into what the peace-loving, misunderstood, genteel people have been up to who belong to the ISIS/ISIL Caliphate.

The actions of these fighters for Allah have fallen off the front pages and we have pretty much given up on curbing their rapid growth in the Middle East and around the world. In the name of God they have murdered without trial over 3,000 folks, to include two children last month who violated Islamic law by breaking the fasting rules of Ramadan and sneaking a snack, a whole new meaning to raiding the cookie jar.

The “hate America first” crowd will decry the barbarity of the United States and Christians because of the burning of women as witches in Salem Massachusetts in 1693, over 83 years before we became a nation and over three centuries ago. ISIS/ISIL beheaded two couples last month for the crime of witchcraft or sorcery. The misunderstood, oppressed Warriors of God have murdered 74 children so far and continue to enslave and rape an unknown but large number of underage girls.

For the viewing pleasure of the world’s radical Muslims, ISIS/ISIL wrapped detonating cord or primer cord around the necks of five men and touched it off. I havBob Traxler_0e cut through steel using det. Cord; you can imagine what it will do to soft flesh, a bloody mess — much to the delight of their social media followers worldwide.

To further the entertainment of the recruiting base, they packed a car full of men, filled the gas tank, and shot the vehicle with an anti-tank missile. Anyone not blown apart was incinerated, and social media loved it. To cater to the aquatic enthusiasts who view their videos, they filled a steel cage with men and slowly lowered it into the water, drowning everyone.

June 30 was the anniversary of the founding of the ISIS/ISIL Caliphate, so for birthday entertainment they lashed and crucified 11 people. Nothing says national pride and love of Allah like a mass crucifixions.

The spokesmen for President Obama told us with pride we killed 120 ISIS/ISIL fighters in one week that only leaves 59,880. The Caliphate is recruiting worldwide and grows stronger by 16 to 32 recruits each and every day. Jihadists from almost every nation in the world have been and are being trained in the Caliphate and will be sent worldwide to await the call to Holy War.

The threat from Caliphate-trained dormant cells that are waiting for the optimal time to strike is greater in most European countries than in the United States. We are, contrary to popular belief, exceptionally good at assimilating immigrants into our society. The French have a saying that “they may be Frenchmen but they are not of French stock;” most European countries have a very similar attitude.

The United States grants all citizens full rights as Americans, regardless of where they were born; other nations are not as tolerant as we are in fully accepting new citizens. Please do not misunderstand: ISIS/ISIL is a threat to the United States, just not as great a threat from home-grown terrorists as it is in Europe.

The fight in Iraq is a real problem; if we let Iran beat ISIS/ISIL they will follow their constitution, which requires them to spread their Islamic revolution into Iraq and Syria and turn those nations into subservient radical Islamic Republics. If we allow the current situation to continue, ISIS/ISIL will establish an even larger Caliphate and spread their radical Islamic State. What I am going to say next will incur the wrath of the left and right and most of the middle; we need to deploy the 18th Airborne Corps to Iraq kick ISIS/ISIL’s rear end and leave a stabilizing force for years in Iraq. We should never have pulled out of Iraq in the first place.

We left stabilizing forces in Germany, Japan, Korea, Bosnia/ Herzegovina, Italy, the Philippines, Panama, Kuwait, Honduras, Kosovo and a few more. President Obama moved us out of Iraq, a popular move domestically but a disaster for our foreign policy; in doing so he created a void that was filled by ISIS/ISIL.

The price that will need to be paid for our apathy and inaction as a nation will be paid by the one-half of one percent in the military, with the Marines and Army paying the bulk of the butcher’s bill. Every day we do little or nothing the price goes up.

Our President needs to do something; we as a nation need to see the big picture and stop Iran and ISIS/ISIL. If we do not, we will face a much greater threat in the future. We can only hope our next President gives a tinker’s damn about foreign policy.

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