Ranger Rick: Interpretation by editor terribly ignorant

I try, I really try.  It is hard to be quiet when someone of influence says something totally ignorant.  The esteemed editor of this publication wrote in a recent article the following:

“I have long maintained that the real purpose of government is not to create a healthy bidness climate, but to solve problems.”

What a whopper!  The purpose of government is to maintain armed forces for defense, regulate interstate commerce and to make laws that are clear, needed and can be enforced.  It also helps that they are popular and majority of citizens agree.

Solve problems… solve problems, are you in a fantasy world?  The only thing they’ve ever done half right is take money we earned away from us and given it back at a small rate in our “golden years.”

Just think how much you’d be worth if they hadn’t stolen that money for your own good?  If placed in a conservative fund for 40-45 years you’d be worth much more than the total you’ve paid in for social security… and it would be yours to do as you see fit.  They think you are so stupid, you could never have figured that out.

The federal government hasn’t balanced a budget in decades, yet expects you to pay your taxes so they can keep spending your future, your children’s future, your grandchildren’s future.  You can’t go bankrupt without consequences, the government can and does constantly.

The same federal government that didn’t see the need to additional security at the electoral college certification, when security experts recommended more security personnel.  Then spent millions on a fence with razor wire around the capitol in record time, called up the National Guard and held them in parking garages to sleep with one bathroom for thousands.  Real respect for the Armed Forces.

Guns and fences for them, nothing for you for defense.

Think about this for all you cancel culture and politically incorrect followers:

The federal government, which has the “Tomahawk” cruise missiles and “Apache,” “Blackhawk,” “Kiowa,” and “Lakota” helicopters – and used the code name “Geronimo” in the attack that killed Osama bin Laden, officially objects to the Washington “Redskins”…. Really?

The federal and most Democrat-led state governments spend, spend, spend and never ever cut a budget or excessive programs.  Half of the departments in Washington D.C. could disappear and nothing would change, other than the displaced workers would need to actually need to do something productive to earn a living. Doing duplicative work is not productive nor needed.  Canada has the same problem.

The real reason for government is to help the people by getting the hell out of the way and don’t screw the people out of their hard earned wages.  But that is a pipe dream, we already are on the downward slope of destruction of the country.

President Joe Biden on the ‘Wink, Tink or Blink’

President Joe Biden did it again this last week, speaking about promoting two women to general status.  He couldn’t remember the Secretary of Defense name, a man he selected!

For you Democrats, are you really so obtuse you cannot see the poor physical and dementia-riddled mind this man possesses?  This is the man leading the free world and he can’t put a sentence together without the help of a teleprompter.  His advanced condition is getting worse as the weeks go by.

The rotting of America from within continues… in earnest!

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