Army Bob: Sex harrassment charge worse than murder?

Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, is being investigated for his involvement with the deaths of thousands of elderly Americans in nursing homes. The mantra of the folks who do not support the governor is “Cuomo lied, and people died.”  But what has the media got its panties in a bunch over? Mass murder? Sexual assault?

Not something so trivial, but the truly serious crime of sexual harassment. Our friends in the mass media barely mention the investigation of the indecent assault, a felony in most states and under the United States Code. But murder and felonious acts pale by comparison to sexual harassment? Go figure.  Folks, you cannot make this stuff up.

Is Cuomo guilty? He has not been tried or convicted of anything, and legally we must give him the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty.

Sexual assault is one of the most falsely reported crimes, while also being the most under-reported crime. My experience with the Army Criminal Investigation Command leads me to say that if you have an allegation, a he said/she said, it is difficult to prove and in some cases unfounded, and always difficult to prove in court without physical evidence.

That said, if you have a case with more than one complainant, the case is founded the vast majority of the time. Governor Cuomo has seven allegations, with a photo substantiating at least one charge.

President Biden recently broke his silence and said that negotiations and investigations are ongoing to decide the governor’s fate. Cuomo would be smart to “negotiate” his way out of prison for complicity in the death of thousands of elderly New Yorkers and the charge of sexual assault. He would be well advised to resign and not face murder or sexual assault charges; we do not know what is happening, but if smart, his legal team would be negotiating with the United States Attorney and New York States attorney not to prosecute if he resigns.

The legal system with juris in his case is totally in the hands of Democrat appointees, who may let him walk to save the embarrassment of a conviction on murder or sexual assault charges of a prominent Democrat from an iconic family.

Allowing Governor Cuomo to escape criminal responsibility for the deaths of 15,000 nursing home residents and sexually assaulting a woman, short of a complete investigation and, if founded, a criminal trial, would be an injustice, but the media playing up the sexual harassment charges and darn near failing to mention the dead Americans may indicate that they are trying to bury the serious charges to save face for Democrats.

Cuomo may just have been guilty of not being socialist enough; the sexual harassment charges have been around for months before the last election cycle with no one being upset, or much caring. Enter the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and  Senator Bernie Sanders faction of the Democrat party coming to power, and informing the old guard, the Liberal/Progressives, that they are out and fair game for elimination if they did not toe the socialist line.

The leaders of the Democrats, Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, were mute on the governor despite four allegations of sexual Harassment until Representative Ocasio-Cortez came out against him. The Democrats in New York State were also mostly mute before Representative Ocasio-Cortez’ dictate, then they too tossed Cuomo under the bus.

The cancel culture cares more about an allegation of sexual harassment, not a crime in itself, than it does about murder and real sexual assault. That attitude may save Cuomo from becoming a convicted felon. My opinion.


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