Youth in Govt. students join spring conference virtually

The Wayland High School delegation to Michigan Youth in Government had its spring conference this past weekend.

The student-led organization encourages our members to defend and argue bill and national proposals while meeting students from across the state.

“Even though they could not be in Lansing this year, that did not dampen their spirits,” a spokesperson said

Delegates Kayla Shook, Rylee Huston and Emily Drew took part in the Legislature debate with MYIG members from across the state. Members took part in various levels of committee and chamber debates.

Shook and co-authors Huston and Drew were able to get their bills to pass committee and made it to the chamber debate sessions over the weekend.

Alexander Sessions took part in the National Issues Forum (NIF) committee and general assembly debates. Alexander was an active participant during con/pro debates with members across the state.

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