Army Bob: Socialists using Capitol officer’s death

by Robert M. Traxler

Officer Brian D. Sicknick, a member of the Washington D.C. Capitol Police force, was said to have been  murdered by anti-government Trump supporters, brutally beaten to death by murderous insurgents using a fire extinguisher to crush his skull.

It was Holy Grail in the Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS and almost all the others; the “fact” was presented as a charge in the second impeachment trial. Google Officer Sicknick’s tragic death, and it is still reported in many articles as true. The New York Times, in a report written by three of its crack reporters, now states that it questions the initial reports of the cause of death, provided by sources “close to the Capitol Police.”.Questions?

The witnesses, fellow officers, report no marks on Officer Sicknick’s body — no bruises, abrasions, or contusions, and he was alert and mobile after the incident was over. Sadly, later the next day in fact, he developed respiratory problems and passed away. The cause of death not officially released, at least one I can find.

Stories of a brave officer passing away with the insurgency raging around him and medics not able to save him, blocked by enemy action, were published as stone-cold facts. The media wanted the stories to be true, so they were, and are still true as far as they are concerned.

Many of you are convinced of the validity of the false stories and will never be persuaded differently; it is your right to be wrong. In a socialist society, hate trumps truth every time; media is an arm of the government used to indoctrinate, not educate or inform.

Go to Snopes and they dance around the facts and never say that the reports of Officer Sicknick’s death, beaten to death in the Capitol by criminals using a fire extinguisher as a deadly weapon are false; mostly false yes, false no. Snopes was purchased by two far left people and lost its credibility; anyone who cites them as an unbiased arbiter of fact is most likely incorrect.  Snopes has joined the phalanx of far left “fact checkers” with most facts spun, twisted and contorted in favor of National Socialism/Democratic Socialism.

“Armed rioters invaded the Capitol,” even heavily armed insurgents invaded the most sacred ground in the nation, a headline in many media outlets. No guns were found, no shots fired by anyone other than the police, no photos of any firearms found in any of the hours of video. Who cares? That is the story and they are sticking to it no matter what the facts say.

As a retired Unites States Army Military Police Officer, I grieve for the loss of all police officers and for their families. Officer Sicknick was a brave man who served his nation with honor, may he rest in peace.

It is past time for the socialists to stop using the death of an outstanding American as a political opportunity. It is time for the media to tell the truth, using the same amount of time to correct the record as they did in out-and-out lying, and the same level of outrage displayed in telling and retelling the lie after they knew the truth.

The media lied in support of the impeachment fraud, they cannot be truthful unless they admit the impeachment was political theater and mostly fabricated from the imagination of the anti-American Leftests/Socialists.  My opinion.


  • More crap. The officer was killed by a Trumpy supporter using a fire extinguisher. Stop the lies. All you do is lie.

    • Mr Jones
      What are your resources showing factual evidence a fire extinguisher was used upon this officer.
      About the only thing that is fact seems to be that Trump supporters breached the White House. These people also believed in their mind the election was “stolen”.
      This is based on logic saying those who did not vote for Trump or do not believe the election was fraudulent….would have no reason to breach the White House.
      Mr. Jones….I believe if Army Bob and Ranger Rick told you oxygen was necessary to sustain life as a human. Your reply would be “more crap. Lies, stop the lies”

  • Just for clarification sake, Trump supporters didn’t breach the White House, it was the Capitol Building (House of Representatives and Senate).

  • Bob,
    You had better be careful about questioning the narrative. DHS is looking to add dissident right wing extremists (translation=Patriots) to things like the no fly lists and probably to flag them on gun purchases etc for insurgent things like questioning election integrity, opposing things like open borders or male to female transgender athletes from participating in womens sports. God forbid someone might question the President’s mental fitness or express other nefarious opinions not aligned with the progressive mainstream way of thinking.

    Great stuff, because as you know history tells us that stuff like this isn’t blatantly fascist and has never led to anything horrible.

    • MacDougal
      Thanks for the comment. The thought crossed my mind that the Socialists are preparing lists of Counter-revolutionary people to go after when they cancel the Bill of Rights. It is so sad that free Americans feel the need to worry about excising free speech.
      Thank again.

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