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Covid data contradictions continue in Allegan County

Data for the Coronavirus pandemic in Allegan County continues to be dominated by contradictions.

While no deaths from the virus have been reported in for at least four weeks, the number of Covid-19 cases in Michigan and in the county have increased over the past several weeks. The death toll remains at 118, but total cases are 303 over the past two weeks and the seven-day daily average has increased from 7.7 Feb. 21 to 35.1 Friday, March 26.

A total of 191 people currently are hospitalized, and another troubling development is that Borgess Ascension Hospital in Kalamazoo is not accepting visitors any more.

The Wayland, Martin and Hopkins basketball seasons resumed in district tournament action this week. Hopkins and Wayland had two weeks off because of the spread of the virus and the Hopkins girls’ team had to ask the junior varsity to step into play the district opener because the varsity was still under quarantine.

There still are persistent indications of the presence of the United Kingdom’s Covid variant, the highly contagious B.1.1.7, which has been identified somewhere in the county.

The Health Department reported as of March 26, 7,185 people recovered from the disease since the pandemic was declared a little more than a year ago. Total tests have eclipsed 100,000.

The positivity rate coming back from tests is at 7.7 percent, significantly more than a couple of weeks ago when it hovered above 4%.


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