Ranger Rick: Dems’ HR-1 voting bill is just a travesty

The Biden White House, Democrat House and Senate are trying to change elections from state control to federal control.  The bill is known as HR1. This would include many unsavory and harmful things, such as:

• Allows the federal government authority to administer elections, contrary to the Constitution.

• Allows same-day voter registration.

• Prevents election officials from removing ineligible voters from registries or confirming voters.

• Bans state voter ID laws.

• Ensures illegal immigrants can vote.

• Allows felons to vote.

• Allows 16 year olds to vote.

• Mandates early voting.

• Promotes ballot harvesting.

• Requires states to accept ballots 10 days after Election Day.

• Requires colleges to hire campus vote coordinators.

• Legalizes nationwide mail-in voting without photo ID.

• Requires states to allow curbside voting.

• Urges statehood for the District of Columbia and representation for territories.

• Allows politicians to use campaign funds for personal use.

• Requires presidential candidates to provide their tax returns.

These are a few of the provisions within the bill.  The Constitution gives the states the authority to run elections within their own states as they see fit.  Evidently, the Democrats hate the Constitution and want to destroy it.  The Supreme Court should strike down this bill if adopted by the majority party.

But the power grabbing Democrats, Dementia Joe, and Marxist Kamala will push this.  What do you say in defense of the Constitution and state’s rights?  What do you think?

President’s address was a train wreck

The presidential media circus that happened last week with Joe trying to get through a presidential address with the media was a TRAIN WRECK.  He kept losing his train of thought, stumbled over words, repeated himself, kept saying the same phrases he does when he needs time to find his verbal footing with filler words (“here’s the deal,” “come on man,” “not a joke.” “I could go on and on”).  He looked frail and sickly pale.  He had notes to help him keep in place but he kept losing where he was and had a cheat sheet on what reporter he should call on with their name and picture.  Even with all that, he could not function properly.

He is a sick and mentally incapable man, with his dementia worsening by the week, it won’t be long before a true Marxist is president.  Democrats, you elected this…  are you proud of supporting this ticket of a dementia patient and Marxist?

With Trump we had a roaring economy (before the Communist Chinese released COVID), gas prices were low, our troops were coming home, no wars in four years, the enemies of the U.S. were in check and crapping their pants, and our allies were respectful of our insistence of paying for defense.  They finally anted up what they owed.

The border was controlled and the Wall being built. Trump closed the air traffic from Asia and Europe, Operation Warp Speed was a success and vaccines were available – –  thank you President Trump! Biden is taking credit for it now that he is president but he disavowed the vaccine efforts at the beginning, saying it would not be possible to get a vaccine in years.  Don’t believe me, go back in the archives  and see what Biden said.  He not only is a poor leader, but he never tells the truth.

But of course everything bad is because of Trump, even though he is no longer in office.  You ever notice when Republicans come into office they fix problems.  When Democrats come in it is always the Republicans fault, time after time.  They never screw up and if they do, the Republicans were at fault.

Wake up!  The radical Democrats hate America and those Democrats that still think they are sane, they don’t believe the party is radical.  The party has left the “sane” barn is running loose like a stallion across the pasture.  Antifa, radicals burning down Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, all the violence in the cities and on the borders, murders, rapes, assaults are all up and out of control.  And they want to defund the police?

The rotting of America from within continues… in earnest!

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