Viking grappler allowed to go to state meet after all

Ashtyn Bennett

It was reported earlier today that Hopkins High School senior Ashtyn Bennett was denied the opportunity to wrestle this weekend in the Division 3 individual state championship tournament.

But that denial has been reversed.

Bennett, who has accumulated more than 150 victories in his four-year varsity career, had been identified as being quarantined under Coronavirus protocol.

His mother, Sarah, posted on Facebook today, “We went down swinging and came up smiling! Our amazing lawyer, Jimmy Thomas, fought to the end and just minutes before the courthouse closed, we got the judge to approve our order! This kid will be stepping on the mat one last time of his high school career!

“Our hearts are bursting with all the shares and love we received today!”

Earlier, this morning, she posted, “Our hearts are extremely heavy this morning as we just lost our battle to Allegan County Health Department and the courts to allow Ashtyn to wrestle at state finals tomorrow, all due to contact tracing. This kid now doesn’t have the opportunity to finish what he started so many years ago with the time and all the extras he has put in to get to where he is today.

“We went down swinging for you Ashtyn Bennett, you are a true champion in our eyes!”

Bennett will enter the tournament Friday as a regional champion.

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