Army Bob: ‘Non-existent’ Antifa appears in Oregon

by Robert M. Traxler

A report in the Washington Examiner, a small conservative news website, stated: “Heavily armed” protesters wearing riot gear and waving Antifa flags descended on Oregon’s Capitol Sunday, resulting in at least three arrests.

“A rioting #Antifa militant was nearly run over by a truck at the Oregon state capitol in Salem. #Antifa have gathered there today with weapons. They are throwing rocks at vehicles passing by. Police are not getting involved,” journalist Andy Ngo tweeted, accompanied by video of the scene

Good to know Antifa does not exist, that it is a figment of the overactive imagination of those of us who are “Right Wing Extremists.” Antifa has its own flag and can get hundreds of protesters together on a few days’ notice any place in the country, not bad for a nonexistent fictitious organization.

The protests in Salem Oregon, were a classic example of the new media. Antifa protests, and anti-Antifa folks counter, and the mainstream media condemns everyone but Antifa. A vehicle, the dreaded right wing heavily armed vehicle known to most as a pickup truck, the telltale mark of the right wing, with an American flag flying drives by the Antifa people. They toss objects at the truck and stand in front of the offending red neck Cadillac attempting to block the vehicle from proceeding legally down the street, moving at a slow speed to avoid hitting those trying to stop it.

One of the Antifa types jumps in front of the truck and it struck him, all on video. The driver could not avoid hitting the highly intelligent genius who jumped in front of him while trying to avoid the other Nobel Laureates trying to get hit.

The video clearly shows it, but who are you going to believe, the media or your lying eyes? The media played it as a Proud Boy running down peaceful protesters; the problem is it is on video, but who cares? The truth is what the media reports, not what the facts actually are.

The American media were apoplectic over the Trump administration’s handling of illegal immigrants, shouting “Kids in cages,” “a national disgrace” “Nazi concentration camps,” “the torturing of poor children.” They seem not to care that children are being treated even more cruelly by ICE today than in 2016/17.

The paragon of virtue, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka. Sandy Cortez, was quick to visit the border and condemn the actions of the government when President Trump was President, but is silent today even with much worse conditions today. Funny how that works. Kids stacked like cordwood sleeping on floors in plastic blankets behind chain link fences must be a good thing when we have a President she agrees with.

The media is also ignoring the story today, at least by comparison to 2016/17, proof positive that compassion, caring, and moral outrage are dependent on who is President.

The media being denied access to the border facilities has gotten a bit of ink, but currently not the wall-to-wall indignation it got when President Trump was in office. It has gotten so bad that even a very few Democrats allowed into facilities have posted clandestine photos of the abysmal conditions. Vice President Kamala Harris has been made the person in charge of the crisis at border, but has no plans to go to the border? She even denies it is a crisis.

History tells us that the media have been willing conspirators in national socialist movements in the past, not needing to be censored or controlled by the socialists, as the media willingly censored and controlled themselves. I am afraid we are heading at light speed in that direction. My opinion.


  • Ever notice when a group like Antifa or BLM start assaulting, looting, raping, killing, pillaging and burning buildings the Left has to find opposite groups like the Proud Boys (a group which had no identity until Antifa started their anarchy). I never heard of them before. I’ve heard of groups like Skinheads, Nazi groups – both marginalized and minimal membership size.

    Whereas Antifa and BLM have been very active as out of control anarchists embraced by Democrats and at city, state and national levels, Proud Boys are non-existent in comparison. If they weren’t, the liberal media would be all over it.

  • Andy Ngo is the guy who says antifa’s been burning down the Portland federal building since last summer (with his on-the-scene footage of small trash fires in adjacent alleys) yet strangely the building is still unscathed (probably because it’s entirely granite and metal). Also conveniently omitted here is that the Bundy bros.’ righty militia took over and held siege to an Oregon federal building for over a month just a few years back. Let us all know when “antifa” disrupts your personal life, then maybe someone will care.

    • Jakey
      So Mr. Ngo beat himself up or was that Antifa. You may want to revisit the word antifa (which I presume signifies anti-facist) which in actuality is what they say they are against. Dressing in black head to toe with face coverings does not present an open and friendly environment. Their action of attacking, beating, killing, pillaging and burning buildings does not present people who are bent on peace and equality.
      If they show up in your neighborhood, then they would exist? The interesting question is whether you would resist them or join in their antics? You act like an academic that favors Antifa.

    • Only liberal pretzel-logic could begin to argue that sustained acts of vandalism against a building leave no damage because it’s made entirely steel and glass. Thanks for ruining the Movie Idiocracy for me, I simply can’t find the humor anymore in a story based on real life.

      The laziest of Google searches would show that said building and the surrounding businesses have sustained millions of dollars in obvious damages from some “idea” that wrote things like “nazis work here” on a Federal Courthouse. Antifa has successfully cleared out huge areas of Portland’s “fascist” business owners. Nothing says “justice” like boarded-up buildings and burned out or looted businesses.

      We do know one thing. It’s not being done by conservatives. If it were, the hero cops would descend on them in force with rubber bullets and hickory shampoo to pack them off to jail. Then the Soros-backed prosecutors would make sure to publicize those arrested with felony charges dialed up to 11. Instead, the few that are arrested are quietly let out of jail with charges dropped a few days later.

      The only comfort that can be found in the wave of assaults, murder and smoldering trash left behind by Antifa is that in most cases the local populace voted for the very people that will sustain continued chaos and destruction, until they wake up.

      • MacD, you and the others here must be getting your news in an alternate universe. There’s been only one killing attributed to “antifa”—Michael Reinhoel’s shooting of Aaron Donaldson—and when the feds found Reinhoel, they instantly extrajudicially executed him.

  • Mr. Gless,
    I assume you viewed the video cited in the column and can not dispute it so you attack a completely different story, not the one you are commenting on. The good folks that died in the Antifa riots friends and the family’s care I assure you. You sir, are a hard-hearted man if only the crime that disrupts your personal life concerns you.
    Thanks for the comment.

    • Army Bob, no, I’m simply pointing out that Ngo is a disingenuous provocateur devoid of credibility. But it’s great news that your official position moving forward will be that we need to care about the well-being of other people. That is a very social, communal approach toward life that will have epiphanic application to your future columns. Good for you. You’re welcome for the comment.

      • Jakie,

        What a disingenuous libtard you are. A boy in a man’s cloaked wording. Grow up, you sniveling moron.

          • There he is, the same statement you put forward when I hit on the truth. No matter how I’m known or not, is none of your or anyone’s business, it is my written words that are judged by others.

            Jakey, you are a radical and always have been. I suspect your family reflects your views. To know that you are instructing young minds with such radical views of life and government/governing should put fear in the hearts and minds of most Americans. You and others worshiping of leftist ideas have and will split this country forever. God help us!

        • Oh but you are being judged by your written words, RR/DTOM. You wrote your multiple pseudonyms here because you don’t have the character to stand behind your hateful ignorant vitriolic garbage. And any reader here knows that you don’t have a single clue what it is that I teach in my classroom. I stand behind who I am 100%. You would be instantly humbled to spend a day in my classroom and see how much my entire school loves me. (Go ahead and email my conservative principal to verify this…except ope! you’d probably have to identify yourself to merit a response.) Instead you fabricate alternate realities in your imagination and pretend they’re true. It is plain for everyone see. And get my name right too while you’re working on being a better person.

          • Mr Gless I agree with you. DTOM uses big words runs people down and his views are the only side. His comment I suspect means nothing. He has his head so far stuck up Trumps back passage his ears will never clear out. Try to make a comment other than to WTB with no name and it will find the garbage. A good place for most of his or her ?? comments to end up. Maybe when if he comes out from behind Mommy’s apron we can take his or hers comments seriously.

      • Mr Gless
        I do believe you might be stretching it, trying to associate caring for the well being of your fellow human. Calling it the same as a Socialist form of government.
        I also believe there is a large percentage of those who think as you do. Hence, when Harris eventually assumes the office of President. The change to a Socialist/Marxist form of government will be welcomed with open arms.
        History does repeat itself.

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