Watson officials get double digit percent pay increases

The Watson Township Board Thursday night adopted a 2021-22 balanced general fund budget of $302,950, but the most interesting part is that it calls for all township officials to get pay double digit percentage pay raises.

Clerk Kelli Morris and Treasurer Stephanie Caulder have been granted raises of 36% each, from $11,499.96 in annual wages to $15,650, an increase of $4,154. Caulder has been treasurer only since December.

Supervisor Kevin Travis will get a 10% hike in pay, from $11,499.96 to $12,650, an increase of $1,150.04.

Township trustees Jack Wood and Michelle Harris both are scheduled to receive annual salary increases of 10 percent, from $3,960 annually to $4,620, a difference of $660. Both had been getting $150 per meeting, but now $165 per session.

Watson’s general fund budget revenues are based on an operating millage rate of 1.07 mills with the override of the truth and taxation rollback and levy, as authorized by voters.

The board also adopted resolution for revenues and expenditures of $85,140 for dust control; a road fund budget with revenues and expenditures of $188,900; expenditures of $100,000 (using category totals) based on voted millage rate of 1.98 mills and 0.75 mills with the override of the truth and taxation roll back and levy for full millage as authorized by voters, and building department fund budget with revenues of $11,000, based on building permit revenue and expenses.

Also approved was a resolution to adopt, 2021-2022 Special Assessment Fire, authorization for department operations and equipment and emergency medical services operations and equipment budget with revenues and expenditures of $104,163.61, with extra expenditure funding from general fund operating account of $31,176.61.

Office hours for Watson Township officials have been set by Travis as supervisor from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursdays and for Caulder as treasurer most Mondays from 6 to 8 p.m.

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