At least 2 fire depts. report record number of calls

Both the Leighton Township and Hopkins Area fire departments are reporting a record number of calls for the first quarter of 2021.

The Hopkins Area Fire Department posted on Facebook:

“So far for the first quarter of the year we’ve averaged 1.5 calls a day. We ended the month of March with 137 calls. That puts us on track for another record setting year at 550 calls for the busiest littlest town in Allegan County.

Those who have served before us and those that are serving now, what a blessing to have such caring individuals who put extra time in their day/night to help those in need. Twenty-six years ago we averaged 36 calls a year not carrying tools to do medicals/ extrication/ water rescue/ ice rescue/ search and  rescue/ off road rescues.”

Leighton Chief Matt Weston posted:

“For the third time in the last six months we have broken the previous record number of calls in one month. March was no different, as people get back to the new normal we are seeing an increase in call volume as our township continues to expand.

“As always, we as a fire department thank you all for your support as we will continue serve you.

Below is the breakdown for March:

• 15 calls for fires and/or alarms

• 2 calls for CPR

• 2 calls for rescue or motor vehicle accident

• 3 calls for general public assistance

• 19 calls for medical emergencies

• Total calls for assistance: 41

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