Army Bob: Infrastructure bill increases power of govt.

by Robert M. Traxler

President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has released his massive infrastructure plan. As in most things proposed by our President, it is a Trojan horse that only addresses infrastructure or funds infrastructure in 25% of the law.

But who cares? There is free stuff in it, hooray! It will not raise your taxes, only those of the filthy rich and the criminal corporations, it will not cost you and me one red cent. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Let’s say a business or Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), like most family farms and small businesses, pays more in taxes; they must pass the increase on or go out of business. Who do they pass it on to? Surprise! You and me. Do not worry, it is not a tax you pay directly, so you will have no problem paying it, right? Are we that dumb?

I can understand the socialists’ view of the government as owning everything, not unlike the kings of old, and allowing you to keep a portion of what you earn. But we still have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights limiting government power — well, for a little while anyway.

The infrastructure bill is a “buy now, pay later on the installment plan” proposal; the new taxes will take 15 years for our President’s plan to generate the revenue to pay the bills, says Heather Long in the Washington Post. Does anyone believe that the Congress, dominated by Democrats, will actually use the income to pay the bills? They will use the new funds to spend on socialist programs like the Green New Deal, and put the old debt on the books to pay later.

Is this an infrastructure bill? We all want better roads, safer air travel, navigable waterways, safe drinking water and we are willing to pay for them, but disguised as “infrastructure” is 13 percent of the total cost of $2.3 TRILLION, which is going to politically correct electronic and green energy corporations. A large portion is going to schools; we have not spent the last train full of money from the two Covid-19 relief packages for schools, so now we must spend more money on schools?

Do you object to the American government spending trillions? If you do advocate that the government be thrifty and responsible, you are a racist. That pejorative racist is used even more today than ever. In fact, it has lost its sting, as it is liberally used to smear anyone who disagrees with the likes of Sandy Cortez, aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who now advocates reparations for illegal aliens) about anything.

In bygone days it was a horrible label used for the truly racist; the contemporary definition is anyone who disagrees with hard-core socialists, even those who refer to themselves as the liberals of old. Even the Rev. Martin Luther King has been called a racist because he used the terms colored and negro, which were totally socially and politically acceptable in the 1960/70s.

In the infrastructure plan is more money for what USA Today calls “Quality of life at home programs” than transportation infrastructure. The $35 billion for “technology addressing the climate crisis;” perhaps President Biden needs to assign Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee the climate crisis — if he did it ceases being a crisis, like the crisis at the southern border is not a crisis.

A good bit of the infrastructure plan has more to do with expanding federal power than infrastructure; the bill creates nine new government departments that I have found. The socialist left has learned that if you give away “free stuff,” people will not object to becoming even more subjugated by the government.

Reading the bill, I looked at the $100 billion for high-speed broadband as a good thing; we do not currently have access to it. Taking a few minutes to think it over, I realized that Michigan could solve the problem by allowing villages, townships and counties to negotiate with providers for increased access in exchange for a limited time contract to exclusively use that provider, as many other states currently do.

President Biden has proposed or passed new spending bills costing over seven trillion dollars; if he keeps going, it may add up to real money. My opinion.


  • Coward. You will not post my words to your blog. This is crap and you know it. This bill saves money, not spends it.

    • It is I, the editor, who occasionally refuses to post your submission, particularly when I believe they contribute nothing to the debate, other than playground-style name calling.

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