Commissioner Cain wants stimulus to go to broadband

Rick Cain

Allegan County Commissioner Rick Cain Wednesday evening told the Martin Township Board the county is receiving $23 million in the recent federal stimulus package.

Cain said commissioners have had preliminary discussions about how to spend the money, but he personally is a big fan of implementing high-speed Internet throughout the 24 townships.

“I’m a proponent of broadband,” he told board members. “Too many people don’t have access to it.”

Martin Township Supervisor Glenn Leep replied that Martin would like to see money used for roads and cemeteries.

“Every township struggles with (funding for) roads,” Leep said. “We’re going to spend  $60,000 just this year alone on gravel.”

Cain also told the board that he believes the proposed county-wide off-road vehicle (ORV) ordinance now stands a decent chance of passage after a somewhat rocky start. The commissioner indicated that 19 or 20 of the townships in Allegan County now are showing support.

“It’s going forward,” he said. “Hopefully, next Thursday we (commissioners) will pass a motion to have a public hearing.”

Cain said the ordinance spells out locations where ORVs cannot operate and where seat belts or helmets will be required.

Scott Beltman of Monterey Township initiated the idea of a county-wide ordinance, going around to townships asking to written support. Though it appeared the proposal was dying five months ago, it seems to have picked up more support lately.

“I think it’s going pretty good,” Beltman told the board. “I think it’s going to happen.”

In other business Wednesday, the board:

• Scheduled the annual budget workshop for 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 26, at the township hall.

• Was told by Planning Commission Chairman Pete Zeinstra that an update for the local gravel mining ordinance has been completed. There may be a public hearing as early as June.

• Agreed to the planned resurfacing later this year of 120th Avenue from 8th to 6th Street and 6th Street from 120th to 119th Avenue. Cost will be between $165,000 and $209,000.

• Awarded the bid for moving township properties and cemeteries to Property Revolution for $16,830.

• Decided to apply for a grant, at no risk, from West Michigan Planning for road projects.

• Agreed to contribute $100 to the Gun Lake Protective Association for installation and removal annually of buoys on the lake.

• Announced the annual trash pickup day will be Saturday, May 22, at the JC Wheeler Library parking lot.

• Was told by ambulance service representative Sarah Lynema the township’s annual contribution will increase by $311.93 to $14,377.61.



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  • I totally agree with Glenn. It’s time we started taking care of what we already have before taking on another non critical project. Would you put new carpet in your house before you fixed the leaking roof. Let’s start using a little common sense for once people!

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