Ranger Rick: Point by point rebuttal to a sign in Bradley

At the southeast corner of Bradley, there is a sign in a front yard.  I’ve seen it a few times but really took a good look at it while waiting for traffic to clear.  It states:

We Believe

– Black Lives Matter

– Women’s Rights = Human Rights

– No Human is Illegal

– Science is Real

– Animals are Protected

– Love is Love

I take exception to most of the sign’s statements.

• Black Lives Matter – They do, so do ALL lives matter.  Every time someone is killed for any reason, we are less as a country and civilization.  I believe all life matters, especially the most innocent among us, babies in development.  I know I will get some hateful comments with this thought, but it is mind over matter.

I don’t mind and it don’t matter.

• Women’s Rights = Human Rights – I agree women are equal in all ways except for their ability to create life. They are superior in that regard.  But they still need a man for the sperm to create life.  That’s why there are men and women.

No Human is Illegal – The statement is true.  But it is governments that determine if someone is indigenous or a citizen of a country.  So if you are from Mexico or some other country and you want to come into the United States, crossing the border illegally makes you an illegal.  The same if I were to enter Mexico by just walking (or swimming) over the border.  I would be questioned, arrested, and jailed.  Illegal’s coming into this country are seldom treated to a jail cell.

• Science is Real – Sure is, until it is proven wrong.  The earth was believed to be flat at one time.  Science and observation said so when ships sailed from port and disappeared in the distance.  There were much higher and colder temperatures experienced on Earth millions of years ago.  There was also much higher CO2 than now.

How did that happen if only human activity and volcanoes contribute?  You see, science is not a consensus, it either is or isn’t.  Theories need to be tested and proven true.  Many times what was known years ago is no longer true now.  I’m glad the medical science improved enough to discontinue the act of bleeding patients in order to improve their condition.

• Animals are Protected – This is true of Fido the dog and Princess the cat.  The statement falls flat when it comes to animals in the wild.  How many deer are viewed on sides of highways and roadways dead from impact with vehicles?  I make every attempt to miss any animal on the roadway, including deer, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, snakes, turtles, just about everything that walks or crawls across the road.

As a society, some care more for their pets than their children.  I wish babies had the same protection and weren’t aborted.  But we sure seem to love the kids coming over the border!

• Love is Love – It is until it isn’t.  How many relationships end in separation and divorce?  Love is great until it isn’t.  Usually it is the woman in a heterosexual relationship that bears the brunt of the physical pain and mental anguish, and usually have the parental responsibilities if children are involved.  Fair?  Hardly.

What persons do in their bedroom is none of my or your business.  But when there are children involved, we as taxpayers usually provide support for those who cannot support themselves without a husband’s or wife’s paycheck coming in.  So then it is our business in that we provide the support though taxes.  Think of all the single parents you know.  It is probably a list of more than a few people.  We all have had problems during marriage, but many people reconcile and move forward.  Some don’t.

The government has stuck it’s nose in the marriage relationship, providing support for those needing it.  As long as the father is not in the picture.

A child without a father AND mother statistically doesn’t adjust well in society and has issues growing up into adulthood.  Of course, the additional support of family members has a profound effect on children and young adults.  But doesn’t take the place of an attentive father.  But some aren’t so lucky.

Dementia Joe still is going downhill

Dementia Joe spoke this week and I cringed listening… he is getting worse as weeks go by.  He looks frail and unsteady when walking.  He loses his place when speaking with both notes and a teleprompter.  I hope you Democrats and Depublicans voting for dementia Joe are proud!

The disaster at the border is growing, gas continues to rise, unemployment is high, Covid cases are still among us (thank you China), and taxes will be going up as will cost of consumer goods.  Have you priced lumber lately?

The rotting of America from within continues… in earnest!

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