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Go Fund Me page launched for Wayland cancer victim

A Go Fund Me page has been established for Wayland area mother Diane Statler, who has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor.

A family spokesperson said her neurosurgeon was able to remove most, but not all of it.

“Thankfully, she is feeling much better since surgery, but she will have a long road ahead of her,” the spokesperson said. “Weeks of chemotherapy and radiation will soon be her new norm. The siblings can tackle many things, but have accepted that we may need extra help.”

Those who would like to send a donation directly to Diane you may send a personal check to 176 Silver Leaf Trail Wayland MI 49348

She was diagnosed at the end of February. Two surgeries have been done to remove as much as possible but unfortunately, this specific tumor can never be 100% removed. The tumor cells remaining are on her Thalamus, a “no touch” zone. Another surgery is likely not possible because of this.

“These types of tumors grow back very quickly. According to her oncologist, chemotherapy doesn’t help a whole lot,” the spokesperson said. “Because of this, she is a good candidate for experimental immune therapy, along with radiation. This will help to contain the tumor, but does not cure it…

“We are currently working on getting her an in home caregiver/nurse to relieve us from some of the stress, but her health insurance will not pay at this time.”

Diane formerly was a lunchroom worker at Steeby Elementary. Her husband, Gary, died in the last year of Alzheimer’s.



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