Army Bob: President Biden’s gun proposals are perilous

by Robert M. Traxler

President Joe Biden has announced an outline to expand gun control. Front and center in the President’s plan is a “modification” of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) rules on pistol braces.

Most folks have no idea what a pistol brace even is, but that never stopped people from banning anything connected with a firearm. Ninety percent of all crimes that involve a firearm are committed with a handgun, easy to conceal and move around undetected while carrying them. They are the criminal’s weapon of choice, always have been and always will.

A pistol brace extends the length of a handgun, according to the President’s own words, turning it into a rifle; OK, why is that not a good thing? The gun grabbers have written that it turns a handgun into a rifle, making it more accurate. No argument from me on that, but a brace makes them more difficult to conceal, hide or transfer and less desirable for a criminal, and less likely to be used in a crime. Common sense is not so common among the ignorant.

Our President’s plan also includes banning “ghost guns.”  What is a ghost gun you ask? According to the media, it is a weapon assembled from parts that have no serial numbers. A major problem is that they forget that anyone can purchase replacement parts for a weapon; however, no one can purchase the lower receiver for a firearm, rifle, pistol or shotgun or the part with the serial number without going through the same background checks required for a completed weapon. It is like buying car parts and building a vehicle, but needing a vehicle Identification number (VIN) to sell it, trade it or even give it away.

The Nobel Laureates in the media also do not know that the lower receiver they want to ban is not legally a firearm component, as it will not work in a weapon without major machining. Hours of expert work are required to machine a “chuck of aluminum” into a lower receiver that is useable.

President Biden said you could make a ghost gun in 30 minutes. Ah, no, an expert with a shop full of metal working equipment may be able to mill and drill one in 30 minutes, but I doubt it. Assembling the weapon from parts, dozens of parts, takes longer that 30 minutes, but who cares? It sounds good, and the media will not question his “facts.”

And it is not an inexpensive undertaking; as with building a car from separately purchased parts, it is more expensive than just buying the finished product.

A “ghost gun” must follow all the laws concerning rate of fire, barrel length, overall length, and in some states, magazine capacity and ownership. If you cannot legally own a firearm, you cannot legally own a “ghost gun,” but who cares? It will make the socialists happy and degrade the Bill of Rights, the number one stumbling block in the plan to push the United States of America toward socialism.

Switching gears, Mexican and Central American human traffickers are now advertising on Facebook. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Our former President Trump is banned from most social media, but drug smugglers and coyotes (slang for human smugglers) can and are openly advertising their services. One ad slickly provides a guarantee and lets you postpone the final payment of the $4,500. fee until you arrive at your destination in the United States.

We must believe the media when they tell us the dead kids floating down the Rio Grande River and a 3- and 5-year-old being tossed over a 16-foot wall are not problems, certainly not a crisis. It has gotten so bad that the Texas Child Protection Services are getting involved, complaining that the federal government is committing child abuse on a grand scale. Whatever happened to the liberals who said if one child suffers, we must do something?

President Biden is proud that people want to come illegally into the United States because he is seen as a nice guy who welcomes them. Rape, robbery, murder, drug smuggling, child abuse, who cares?

They are all potential Democrat voters, so come on up. The border to Canada is closed to all but essential traffic, but the border with Mexico is wide open?  My opinion.

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