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Allegan County Covid case numbers may be slowing

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has spread from China. Coronavirus cell. Vector illustration

Is the recent spike in in Covid-19 viral cases slowing down in Allegan County?

Data released by the County Health Department suggests improving trends in number of cases over the past week, though some other statistics haven’t been quite as pleasant.

Two more deaths as a result of the Coronavirus have been reported since Monday, April 19, on a day in which the seven-day daily average reached a peak of 76 new cases. That figure since then has been reduced to 60. Total death count since the pandemic began more than 13 months ago is 126.

Positivity rates of Covid after testing has shown a 19 percent figure that demonstrates an increase over the past two weeks. There are 216 hospitalized.

Of the 9,973 cases reported since March 2020, a total of 7,962 people have been determined to have recovered.

The death toll in the county stood at 118 for a long time before two more fatalities were added earlier this month.

Because of a recent surge in case numbers, particularly among young people, the Wayland Board of Education to return the high school to the hybrid model of instruction as opposed to the every-day in-person approach over the past two months.

Martin and Hopkins schools have continued in-person instruction this month and have reported few problems.

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