Ramblin’ Road: ‘Michigan Libtard’ comes back home

by Phyllis McCrossin

Now that we are settled into the campground, I’m guessing things are going to start falling into a routine fairly quickly — though it’s been an interesting start to the season.

The cooler weather did not prompt much growth in the lawn department, so King, who is now the official groundskeeper for Kal Haven Outpost campground, kept himself busy by splitting and stacking wood for the campground. No, he does not split it by hand; he uses a log-splitter.

Last week Monday, I started my new/old job at N & R Department Store (may as well give them a plug) selling T-shirts to tourists. The store also sells some women’s clothing lines but it’s mostly T-shirts.

You know the type: “Lake Michigan: Salt-free and Shark-free;” “Michigan, Great State, Great Lakes;” lots of shirts with pictures of the South Haven lighthouse, etc. I recall when I worked there five years ago a woman came into the store and asked if the map outline of Michigan surrounded by the Great Lakes was a copy-righted logo. Sometimes it’s really, really difficult not to roll my eyes.

It took me a day to remember how to use the cash register (Yes, I can punch numbers, but there are code thingys, etc. to remember as well). Thankfully, (for the learning curve bit) it is early in the season, i.e. it’s not busy. We spend a lot of time straightening already straightened clothing racks and watching the construction of new condominiums down the street from the store:

“Oh look. They put another row of blocks on the elevator shaft.” “Some of the workers have orange vests, some have yellow vests and a few more have blue sweatshirts — must be team orange; team yellow and team blue. I wonder who is winning.”

My sardonic sense of humor is lost on most people – my co-workers included. I guess it’s a good thing I can play nice with the customers. I have to admit, the days go much faster when the store is busy.

King is working on a front enclosure for the trailer hitch today. He makes it big enough to hide ice chests, our generator (which doesn’t get used during the summer), the portable waste tank, etc. When the weather gets warmer I’ll buy some plants for the top and a few tomato and pepper plants for along the ground in front and that will satiate my need for gardening. Mostly, anyway. I do miss my massive garden beds. I think that’s the only downside for living as a nomad.

Phyllis McCrossin

The enclosure King made last summer was given to our son last fall. Our son was really excited to have it, as not only did it serve as a windbreak for his travel trailer, but he has been planning all winter what plants he is going to place in and around it. We donated our first travel trailer to him two years ago when he was about to be homeless (again).

A word to the wise: Be careful to whom you disparage the homeless and mentally ill. You never know how close to home your thoughtless words might hit.

Tomorrow I head to the Secretary of State’s office for an appointment I made last fall to transfer a title. We come home to Michigan every summer, not only to see the rest of our family, but also to get all the mundane things of life complete – title transfers, vaccines, flu shots, annual physicals and this year – oh boy – a colonoscopy.

My sister passed away five years ago this week from colon cancer – something that could have been detected early had she not stubbornly refused to have a colonoscopy (mostly because her health insurance would not pay for it – please don’t get me going on health insurance, or elections, or mask mandates or vaccines or…).

While my customers may sport the latest Michigan attraction T-shirt, mine would probably say, “Michigan Libtard.”

I’d wear it with pride.

Stay safe, be kind and play nice with others.

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