Army Bob: Hatred of police approaching unsafe levels

by Robert M. Traxler

A baby is born, minutes old, the little bundle of joy is coming into the world, loved by its mother, father and family. So wonderful, what a blessing… not so fast — if the child is white, it is a vile racist at the moment of its birth; born blind and helpless, the child is a white nationalist.

Your child or grandchild is born responsible for slavery, Jim Crow, systemic racism, income inequality, global climate change, and many other sins of their great, great, great, great grandparents. Even if they did not live in the United States at the time of the injustices and had no involvement, it is still the newborn’s fault. Make sense?

Not a bit, but who cares? It fits the current narrative. The baby will be judged by the color of its skin, not the content of its character. In a few years the innocent, loving child will go to school where he (pronoun “he” for the purpose of simplicity) will be taught that he oppresses all non-white people, and must atone for his involvement in the sins of the past.

The education system will teach him to look at the family who loves him in a different light, through the lens of racial and social guilt. The child will not be allowed to question the doctrine; if he does, the cancel culture will descend upon him and the family and the child will be called names like a racist, white supremacist, white nationalist, Nazi, fascist.

Names will fly liberally around the debate. Social media will hound the deniers, social pressure will be placed on the family and employer. Farfetched you say? Very possible, I say.

President Joe Biden’s budget proposal calls for billions to teach “Critical Race Theory” and other anti-American theories, to impress on our children that they are culpable for the actions of Americans 164 years ago when we had slavery (or over 410 years ago, as preached in the 1619 project), 157 years before we even became a nation. It is the school child’s fault if he is the wrong color.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. The strange part is that intelligent people believe it, folks who tell us that they are the intellectuals, who must run our lives from birth to after death (death taxes). The politically correct elite are afraid of the cancel culture canceling them if they don’t march in lock step with the insane policies of the extreme, socialist left.

A Columbus, Ohio, police officer responds to an urgent 911 call for help as a teenage female is trying to kill another with a knife. Video shows the officer telling the attacker to drop the knife, the attacker continues (all on camera) to assault the victim. The knife is held in a manner that leads anyone to believe the weapon is about to be plunged into the victim; the officer fires his weapon, the attacker dies, the total elapsed time was a very few seconds.

The victim and subject in this case are both African Americans. The charge is that the officer murdered a poor African American teenager who was in a verbal dispute with another, a school yard scrap, the kind of thing that happens every day in the African American community. It was no big deal, say the experts on CNN and MSNBC, they charge it is a case of cold-blooded murder by yet one more police officer.

In my past,I taught law enforcement subjects at a community college. I taught my students that you will have less than two seconds to make a decision that the criminal justice system will judge right or wrong, after months or years of debate and study.

If the officer in Columbus Ohio had not fired and a half a second later the knife would have plunged into the victim, the charge would have been the that the officer had no regard for the life of a black teenager, allowing her to be murdered.

The current level of hate for the police renders everything an officer does as incorrect, even criminal. CNN even cut and edited the video of the Columbus incident to make the officer look guilty. The victim credited the officer for saving her life; you will not see that statement on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or printed in the New York Times or Washington Post, nor allowed on social media.

We have all seen the statistics; crime rates soaring disproportionally in the African American communities, a murder rate that is 10 times that of the next demographic, so what is to be done to make safer neighborhoods? Ban the police, of course.

In every study done since Sept. 29, 1848, when modern records started to be kept by the Metropolitan Police in London, increased police presence prevents crime. However, 172 years worth of studies do not matter; defunding the police is the answer, even banning police officers from predominantly African American communities.

Asinine? Yes, but who cares? Let’s do it. My opinion.


  • Excellent work Bob.

    Systemic racism, white privilege, critical race theory, 26 genders, defund the police, the list goes on; all leftist mythology. Yup, these things are NOT REAL. They are all made up concepts, frenzied hysteria and proposals devoid of logic. These worthless ideas created in the bowels of leftist academia by Marxists and spread by the cancer of social media are rotting the collective intelligence of world and dividing this nation against itself. You don’t need to travel too far in rural Allegan County to see that the idea of white privilege is simply nonsense.

    Do we have some bad cops? Yes. Are some Americans racists and haters? Yes. As a nation, we are not these things! Amercans as a whole are the most generous and compassionate people on the planet. Our flag is a global symbol of freedom and goodness for a reason, it is not a symbol of hate. Our nation is still a beacon of freedom and opportunity. Nowhere on earth are so many people from different places so successful, prosperous and united. Nowhere.

    Look in the mirror tomorrow and realize that you are living through and witnessing the literal unraveling of every good deed and positive step taken to sew a national fabric the in the name of true colorblind equality since the end of Jim Crow. The ironic and tragic truth is that this is being done again through fear in the name of power and control by the same people that thrived in the Antibellum and Jim Crow that followed it…Elite Democrats.

    If these ideas continue to receive mainstream acceptance, they will eventually consume our most cherished ideas of freedom and lead to our end as a nation.

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