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Has the Clark gas station in Martin gone ‘belly up?’

A “state car” appeared at the Clark gasoline station in downtown Martin Tuesday morning, prompting many local folks on Facebook to speculate whether the longtime local the business may be going belly up.

Jeff Stevens, posted in the Martin Pride Facebook group, “So, has the Clark Station gasped its last breath?”

The station, owned by Alex Weinberg, is known lately for selling only unleaded regular gas.


A reviewer on an Internet site said, “This gas station is only open because of locals! They only have regular gas (no mid-grade, premium, kerosene etc) All products are old and never stocked…”


Don Anderson, another poster, said, “And yet people still pull in for something but leave with nothing

Martin Board of Education member Austin Marsman said it’s his understanding there have been complaints over years and it’s been difficult to staff the business.

Lynne Fahrne of Martin Pride said, “Last time I knew the one (Clark Station) in Plainwell doesn’t sell gas any more. There’s only a couple of gas pumps operating at the Martin location.”


The station was owned and operated in Martin for many years by Bud Geib before it was sold.


Stevens posted a suggestion, “Perhaps; if we generate a petition to the Village to declare the property the Clark sits on as a ‘Public Eyesore’ we can force the current owner to improve, renovate, or sell the property.”



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