Ranger Rick: Chicago needs some good guys with guns

I love the springtime.  The peepers and frogs start peeping, chirping, and croaking.  The rabbits are out at night, sparking to make little bunnies.

And the nightly and weekend killing keeps happening in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and many other cities across the nation.  Mostly black on black shootings and killings.

Does ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or any other news outlet focus on the violence?  Never.  Only if it is a law enforcement officer taking the life of someone.  I don’t deny that is “news” to most news programs, but shouldn’t there be a tally of excessive violence in cities?  Since most of the victims and perpetrators are African-Americans, do they not qualify to be “news”?

Where is BLM and Antifa when these bloodbaths occur.  Not a peep.  Crickets… no, just silence, avoidance and apathy.  I guess the only time it stirs up anger is when a law enforcement officer is doing the shooting.

In Chicago over the weekend there were 24 shootings. Three died.  Where is the outrage, especially when there is a “no firearms” law within the city limits.  Not working too good, huh?

All the law does is encourage those who perpetrate crimes on others, knowing they have no weapons to defend themselves.  Because if residents had the right to purchase firearms to defend themselves, there would be less crime and shootings in Chicago. And probably a lot fewer criminals as they would be in graves.

COVID 19 And Lying

First, the exalted Dr. Anthony Fauci said not to wear masks early in the pandemic.  Then he relented and said yes, it was a good idea.  He really wasn’t convincing with his speaking about it, but he stayed with the mask wearing.

Then we were told six feet of social distance was required and we could get it from infected surfaces holding the virus.  Then it was discovered three feet of social distance was good and the virus is not as transmutable as first thought.

My question.  Why do they always tell us something they don’t know is true, but they can’t tell us nothing… right?  Why can’t they just say, “We aren’t sure what the parameters are for this virus and we will inform you of the correct procedures once known.”

I can deal with that.  But the bullshit has to stop, nobody is listening any more and you just defeat your credibility by “crying wolf” all the time.  I know Dr. Fauci is such an expert, but he’s lost most of his respect because of his lecturing and not saying anything about gatherings in riots and BLM/Antifa outrages in cities.  How much virus was spread by those folks?  Fauci remains silent about that.

Biden marches on to a different drummer   

At a recent conference for some BS Summit, among all the leaders there was not a mask in sight on everyone but Biden.  I presume he was by himself in a location where he was being televised to the other participants.

He looked pretty stupid with the mask.  But Putin and others loved it… Putin kept talking and talking.  Biden didn’t have a clue.  I’m sure it was nappy time after the exhausting conference.  Biden looks frail and loses his place even while having a cheat sheet and teleprompter.  Maybe his eyesight is suffering from the pressure being President.

Thank God the economy is so poor any hiring of people makes his numbers look good.  Starting at the bottom and the capitalists running companies are hiring and calling Covid virus layoff people back.  Sure makes old Joe look good.  Wait until his high taxes kick in once they are enacted.

I know you deluded Democrats and socialists are licking your lips in anticipation, but the taxes and higher prices from inflation will be hitting you in the wallet too.  You just don’t know it yet.  All consumer goods have recently been adjusted to higher prices soon to cover additional Covid virus costs, lack of help requiring longer hours of those working resulting in overtime and higher labor costs, and higher raw goods pricing.

When will Democrats and socialists understand companies pass higher operating costs on to consumers? That includes higher taxes!

While thousands of small companies, restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses have closed for good, workers remain home getting a check from the government to remain unproductive.  That should have come to an end weeks ago.  We have to get this country moving again and staying home is not the answer.

And if you’re fully vaccinated, when can we get rid of the stupid masks?  Hey, Dr. Fauci, WHEN?  And no B.S. this time!

The rotting of America from within continues… in earnest!

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  • President Biden telling reporters he can’t answer questions or he will get into trouble? With who? Who is the President Of the United States of America afraid of? Who tells him what to say and chastises him for answering questions? Cancel Culture? The Media? The real bureaucrats in charge? Just what in the heck is he telling us?

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