Ranger Rick: Hunter Biden has happy, privileged life

When you try to purchase a weapon, you have to make out a form for your background check.  It’s been some time since I made mine out, but I believe it was an FBI Firearms Purchase Form.

I was buying a firearm with two other gentlemen waiting for their approval.  We waited about ten minutes and the first gentleman was denied.  The salesman was very informative and told the person he could appeal the denial by calling the number on the form or sending an email.  The next gentleman was also denied.  The same scenario ensued.

I was a little nervous since these two gentlemen were denied and they only wanted shotguns.  I was purchasing a pistol.  The salesman came out from behind his computer and said I was approved and the sale was consummated.

I bring this up because Hunter Biden owned a firearm and he obviously lied on his form about drug use.  He was released from the Navy because of his cocaine drug use. It was not a dishonorable discharge, as it should have been, but I believe they call it a general administrative discharge.  When you’re a vice president’s kid, you get favors.

The firearm Hunter owned was thrown in a dumpster when his then girlfriend didn’t want it around.  It was later found and traced back to him.  He didn’t know it was gone, or if he did, he lied about it, or he was in a drug-induced stupor.

But such is the life of Hunter Biden, a 50-year-old teenager who hides behind his father’s name.  His activities in Ukraine and China also netted him big dollars worth millions. If his dad were Joe Blow instead of Joe Biden, he would be a normal American, working for a living.  But such is politics.

Joe Biden last week hemmed and hawed his way through an uninspiring, low rated, least watched congressional political address given by a president in modern history.  His ratings were half of President Trump’s at any time during his presidency.

He loses his place, mumbles to himself or maybe he sees Harvey the Rabbit and is talking to his imaginary friend?  Regardless, he looks frail, appears very pale, and evidently can’t read a teleprompter or notes.  His facts change,depending on who he is addressing and at what time during the day.

The other day he told a whopper.  He said that if you earn $400,000 annually, you won’t pay a penny more in taxes.  He forgot to mention if you are single, that figure is $200,000; the $400,000 figure is for a couple paying jointly?

I put a question mark at the end of the previous sentence because he omits and adds figures at will, depending to the audience.  If he gets a tough question, he gets flustered and tries to deflect with a nonsensical answer or just walks away without answering.  Of course, Dr. Jill Biden is close by so she can resuscitate him if he keels over.  Yeah, that is a sick joke as Dr. Jill has a Doctorate in Education, but insists on using the moniker.  Evidently she is insecure without it.

But enough about dementia riddled President Biden.

Last weekend, Mitt Romney addressed the Utah Republican Convention.  His appearance was roundly booed and catcalls ensued.  It was so loud and prolonged poor Mitt finally quit.  It is time for Mitt to realize he is a pariah in Republican politics and go back to Washington D.C. and stay there for the remainder of his term.

He is not wanted or liked in Utah after his President Trump impeachment vote.  He needs to retire and enjoy his millions or if he wants to stay in politics, change his party to Democrat and move back to Massachusetts.  He doesn’t have a chance in Utah.  I don’t think he would win in a dogcatcher race.  His name is sullied and nobody wants him on the Republican side for anything.

Republicans have many players in the wings to run for any position.  Many have solid accomplishments and have shown leadership before and during the pandemic.  I won’t throw out names, you see them every day.  If Trump wants to run again, the nomination would probably be his to lose.

Regardless, we have 44 more months of bumbling Biden and Marxist Kamala to turn this country more socialist.  We should be afraid… very, very afraid.

The rotting of America from within continues… in earnest!  

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