Army Bob: Systemic racism arguments seem circular

by Robert M. Traxler

So just what is “Systemic Racism?” Glenn Harris, president of Race Forward and publisher of Colorlines, defined it as “the complex interaction of culture, policy and institutions that holds in place the outcomes we see in our lives.”

OK, once again it would be nice if the argument were not a circular one. Ask what laws, rules and regulations are racist, and you get “the system is racist.” Ask what items in the system are racist, and you get “the system is racist.” Ask what can be changed, and you get “change the system.” This is a no win; our nation will never be successful, and we will always have a problem as the definition lacks clarity and solid goals.

The belief is that we all are racists. Ask what we did or do that makes us racist, and you get “you benefit from being white.” White privilege? Again ask what you or I did that is racist, and we get “you benefit from white privilege” The circular argument that cannot be settled.

Please, give me three examples of things that can be changed. Solid tangible laws, rules or regulations, like making poll taxes illegal, or not allowing people of a different color in a restaurant or school. Interesting that Asians are being discriminated against in higher education, but that is cheered by the anti-discrimination socialist left. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Discrimination is a good thing as long as it punishes a racial group that the socialists think is too intelligent and works too hard, while also believing in the American dream, like Asians.

“Systemic Racism” is like “global climate change,” so prophylactic in nature as to be whatever folks want it to be, with no way to quantify the issue. Before global climate change, we had global warming, before that global cooling. Both had a way to easily quantify, using temperature, and both were wrong. So the current crisis du jour cannot be quantified without complex computer modeling and making wild assumptions, and are also vague as always be a crisis.

The socialist movement in our nation must have a crisis to justify taking away our Constitutional freedoms and God-given rights. Rahm Emanuel, President Clinton’s former Chief of Staff said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” in 2008 during the recession. His point was that it was an opportunity to grow big government, and exert control over us in the masses by the few in the ruling elite.

The 1619 project and the critical race theory are designed to degrade our nation’s history, and to lay the foundation for the great socialist revolution, a tactic that has been used in every socialist takeover of governments for more than 210 years. They must teach our children that our nation is an evil place and will only be cleansed by a socialist government, replacing the family, and controlling the people from birth to death. Individual freedoms and rights must be shunned in favor of the collective good.

In every socialist revolution they preached that patriotism was bad, the nation evil and oppressive. However, as soon as they controlled the people’s lives from birth to death, patriotism became a glorious thing and was used to justify their total control of everyone’s lives. President Biden recently stated that wearing a mask after being vaccinated even outside is patriotic; so an unmasked vaccinated farmer, a veteran, working the fields alone with no one around for a mile is not a patriot? Go figure.

Socialism has always failed over time, always leaving disaster in its wake. So just why folks who refer to themselves as the elite, the chosen deities, the intelligent supreme beings, the ones who should control our lives, want to do this after it has always failed is indeed strange.  My opinion.


  • Systemic racism like in the Minneapolis Police Department? The one run by a city led exclusively by Democrats for over 50 years? Red flags about Chauvin’s conflict seeking choice of duty assignments and interactions with the public ignored?

    Looks like a Democrat problem to me. Just like Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon, liberals voting for people that promote policies that will lead to chaos and anarchy and then acting surprised when people engage in chaos and anarchy.

    Great analysis Bob, the left’s list of crisis’ are nebulous blobs of self-sustaining never solved problems. Probably our first clue that logic should tell us they aren’t real problems, but made up ones.

    • Mr. Jones,
      Your intellect and powers of reasoning are monumental in a reverse and perverse way. Please keep commenting so we can get into the Democrat mind and find out the powers of dementia. Joe Biden would be proud if he read and even understood your comments. He’s taking a nappy now.

    • Mr. Jones,
      Thank you for the comment, you never disappoint. Please read next weeks column, I am interested in your view.

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