Ranger Rick: Govt. should take away carrot and stick

I was watching one of the political programs Sunday when Department of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo was asked on “Face the Nation” whether the amount of money people receive because of the pandemic had anything to do with the help wanted by companies and businesses not being filled.  She said there was no direct evidence that Americans weren’t returning to work because of Covid-19 payment to citizens.  Is she from this planet?

You wonder why people are fed up with politics in general and national politics in particular is because numbskulls holding political office and high office to support government don’t have a clue about what goes on outside the Beltway.  They figure if they throw money at a problem it will not affect any other part of the economy.

The worst thing is most of these folks are just not smart… and some of them are just plain stupid.  They’ve never had real jobs where you sweat, make things, manage others, own a business and make a payroll, make sure there is a profit at the end of the fiscal year and other experiences that make one effective and efficient in managing others and capitol.

Most politicians are college graduates with political science, history, English, or law degrees.  A law degree is fine if you’ve actually practiced law.  Many find the law unsatisfying, actually boring.  So they turn to politics.  Good for them but not for us —this is the fallback job after their professional career didn’t work out.

And if you look closely at where they graduated within their class (Biden was 76th out of 85 in his Juris Doctor from Syracuse as an example) you will notice their ability of thinking and reasoning is limited.

It is very clear when someone thinks getting free money from the government will not affect citizens’ decisions not to return to work isn’t a factor — that is not even questionable — of course people are going to stay home if they can make $600 a week and not travel to work, not pay child care, not pay for gas or upkeep on a vehicle.

This is common sense folks, not rocket science.  Somehow, those in D.C. cannot figure this out.

Ms. Raimondo, I know you are a politician and have to support President Biden, but the jobs report would significantly improve IF you remove the carrot and throw away the stick.  If knowing more support wasn’t coming, they would return to work.  Tell them by the end of June the gravy train is drying up, the jobs report would be unbelievable by the end of August.

I guarantee it.  And no, please don’t send me a check for the advice.  You can’t afford me, it is free, free, free — just use your brain.  I know it hurts, but try.

Speaking of Covid, what is happening at the border with all these children in cages and no masks or social distancing?   The horde of invaders from Mexico not wearing masks and some are probably carrying Covid, what of American citizens contracting the virus from them?

Oh, I know, ignore the man behind the curtain, nothing to see here!

The Biden Administration was, is, and will always be a joke with a physically weak and dementia patient at the wheel of government.  God help us!

The rotting of America from within continues… in earnest!


  • Senator Ted Cruz was magna cum laude at Harvard Law, and President Biden’s people call him stupid, go figure.

  • If one were to research the Cruz vs. trump primary and the abuse trump piled on Ted, after which Ted became his minion, would you call him smart? Selling his soul for his personal betterment. A smart person has morals which they stand behind no matter what.

    Just curious, what was trump’s class ranking? We’re waiting……..

    • A Reader,
      First in his class at the Wharton School of Finance in 1968, your wait is over, next question.
      My I suggest you discover Google it may save you from looking less than intelligent next time.

      • I found multiple sources claiming trump was not first in his class, and actually far from it. Maybe you should do some homework and not look less intelligent. Just because trump says so doesn’t make it true

    • Reader,

      I certainly hate to correct you however I believe you were thinking about Kamala abusing Joe in the primary. It was horrible. Re-watch the primary and get back with us. She had no votes and no money, she couldn’t make it out of the primary and now along with former President Barack Hussein Obama are running our Country. Very sad………..


  • Reader, the first thing in politics is get elected. Next is have an agenda and work to achieve the goals you put forth. How he got elected with his arguments and name-calling, it goes both ways, just because someone doesn’t respond in kind, that is their problem. Politics is a blood sport. You don’t want to fight, stay out of the ring.
    As for Trump’s intelligence or your presumption lack of, many people vote for a doer, a “get it done” driver. Hillary, Barack and Biden sure aren’t and never have been.
    It is known by insiders JFK was elected president because of Mafia/Teamster helping stuff the ballot boxes and raise the dead to vote. He was also murdered by the Mafia when brother Robert wouldn’t lay off prosecuting the Mob. They knew if they didn’t kill JFK, it would continue.
    Speaking of stealing elections, Covid made it plausible to get extra votes into the system. Remember Tuesday night old Joe was getting whipped in all battleground states, but he said wait until all votes are counted? And how many did Dominion machines change from Trump to Biden?
    That’s why nobody wants to compare paper ballots to the machine count, they know the fraud would come out. If there is nothing to be afraid of, compare the paper ballot count to the machine count. If they are the same, no fraud. Pretty easy to prove in random sampling. But Demorats will never agree to it.

    • DTOM, thank you for not resorting to name calling. The points you bring up may be valid. Politics nowadays is a mess. Politicians should focus on what is best for their constituents, not what will get them re-elected

    • DTOM, we’re on count #3 of ballots tabulated by Dominion machines in the AZ 2020 election. Still no signs of fraudulent ballot counts. Know what they’re looking for now – AND NOT FINDING IT – bamboo fibers in the ballots?!!
      Conspiracy theories simply aren’t a wise way to determine election outcomes, or presidential assassinations. If the Mafia wanted to end the prosecution of mobsters, why wouldn’t they off Bobby instead of Jack? Do you subscribe to all the conspiracy theories abounding about the JFK assassination, or do you pick and choose among your conspiracies for one that fits your way of thinking?
      Just wondering.

      • Why are the Liberals in California checking the signatures on the Newsome recall initiative? It’s hard to have it both ways sweetheart……………


      • Ms. Mandaville, perhaps you should look at what is presently happening in Maricopa County, AZ concerning the voter fraud.

        As for killing Bobby instead of Jack, evidently you haven’t studied the assassination and who was behind it. Bobby was originally targeted but was rejected by Chicago mob boss Sam (Momo) Giancana. He said you had to cut off the head of the snake for everything to die. Besides, Daddy Joe Kennedy, didn’t pay Sam back for giving the Illinois votes to Jack, making him president. He asked Joe to get Bobby to back off on the persecution of the Mob and Teamster bosses, but that never happened, Bobby was full steam ahead.

        Two men by the name of Nicoletti and Files made the hit on Kennedy. Nicoletti flew into Dallas the night before on a CIA Air America plane and Files drove from Chicago with the assassination weapons, Nicoletti used the rifle and Files the Remington Fireball target pistol with a scope.

        Oswald only planted the 6.5mm Carcano rifle in the book depository, he never fired a shot according to Files, he was a patsy, and in true CIA “who-done-it” style he was the patsy, he just didn’t put it together until the murder happened.

        Nicoletti told Files if he didn’t kill Kennedy by the time he came into view in his sights on the grassy knoll, to fire only if he would miss Jackie. The rest is history.

        The mob had their reasons and the CIA hated Kennedy for abandoning the Bay of Pigs fighters without promised air supporrt.

        Johnson was their man in the White House now and the mob got what they wanted and the CIA wanted to escalate the war in Vietnam, which Kennedy was against. Drugs, illicit money from graft and corruption, prostitution, black market, and the selling of war materials was first on their list and they had their war expanded exponentially. 58,000+ American lives killed for what? Not a damn thing.

        Brown and Root, huge contributors and Texas businessmen received huge contracts for construction of harbors and buildings use by the military and Johnson was flush with cash for the 1964 election!
        See how that works?

        Not conspiracy theory, just in -depth research by many. Mr. Files was still alive last I knew and you can read his account of the assassination.

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