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Public hearing slated for Aug. 12 on ‘Lake Residential District’

The Leighton Township PlanniLeighton Dist Mapng Commission will have a public hearing at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 12, at the Leighton District Library, 4451 Twelfth St., Moline, to take comments on proposed amendments to the township zoning ordinance and zoning map.

The proposed changes will create an “LR-Lake Residential District” by incorporating a new zoning ordinance chapter and amend the zoning map by delineating the location and extent of the district, as indicated on the map.

Planning Commission Chairman Scott Chestnut indicated that, if adopted, the “LR-Lake Residential District” will encompass most of the historic platted and unplatted resort sized waterfront and landside lots around Green Lake and Round Lake.

The district will support a mixture of existing, resort-style cottages, and modern seasonal and year-round single family homes, created entirely from properties now zoned R-2 Medium Density Single Family Residential.

Within the district, new regulations will minimize the number of properties classified as non-conforming, (as compared to the existing R-2 District), and better enabling the modernization of the housing stock through infill, building additions and redevelopment.

Existing lots and parcels of land that meet or exceed the minimum lot area requirements of the R-2 Medium Density Single Family Residential have generally been excluded from the new district.

Zoning ordinance text amendments also are proposed to the regulations governing accessory buildings. Those amendments accept certain “Off-site Private Garages” as principal uses and amendments to Sections 3.10 and 3.11 would permit “Off-site Private Garages” only within the proposed LR-Lake Residential District.

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