Have we finally gotten past the political mask issue?

ACHTUNG: This is not a “fair and balanced” article. It is an editorial by the editor.

Sometimes doing what seems to be the right thing can have unintended negative consequences.

In the wake of new and significantly changed Health Department guidelines on wearing masks during the pandemic, announced by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, you’d think that the “mask wars” now should be over.

They’re not.

New guidelines suggest people who have received two Covid-19 vaccinations no longer are required to wear masks in indoor situations. But in trying to determine who’s gotten their shots and who hasn’t, we’re stuck with an “honor system” that leaves plenty to be desired.

Less than 24 hours after Whitmer and state health officials called off their dogs, I saw a post from a woman on Facebook threatening a lawsuit against anyone who insists she show proof she has been vaccinated. She cited the often repeated violation of her constitutional rights reason and HIPPA laws.

So those who want to be sure they’re not standing or sitting next to someone not properly shot up with Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson essentially is SOL if they want such health assurances. Some would say the simple solution would be to mask up regardless.

Indeed, when I visited Harding’s Market and Family Farm & Home, I saw a strange collection of people masked and people not masked. I felt a little bit like there’s a hidden ball trick going on, the question of who’s telling the truth and who is not.

An old friend and Townbroadcast columnist Phyllis McCrossin discussed this dilemma in her “Ramblin Road” offering this week and posted on Facebook about the store in South Haven where she works: “We require masks in the store. Many people saw the signs and left. Their choice. Many whined that they were fully vaccinated and complained about wearing masks. Others ignored the signs and came in anyway.”

Noting that most recent statistics report that only 39 percent of Michigan adults now have been vaccinated, she added, “I just found it interesting that far more than 40 percent are taking advantage of the no mask suggestion.”

Will there ever come a time when politicizing a health issue will become just a distant memory?

Or are we, as I have often suggested of late, going there in a handbasket?


  • Perhaps when the gretch starts following her own guidelines others will take them seriously.

    • I am sure when Trumpy was breaking every CDC rule social distance large crowds masks hand shakes only to mention a few. I bet you had your head right up his ASS and everything was fine. Our Governor did a good job and Michigan is in good shape now.

      • You mean everything the CDC now says is ok? Sounds like he was ahead of the curve, unlike the evil bitch who wants rules for you but not her. Speaking of heads up asses, I hope she keeps talking as that’s the only way you’ll get air.
        Such a good job she did, that Michigan leads the way in the country for lost business. But useful idiots like you don’t care about the working people, or the emotional and mental harm they’ve caused that we haven’t even begun to understand yet. Trump Derangement Syndrome sadly seems to be permanent. Get back on your knees and plead for your betters to throw you some more of their scraps.

        • I should know better than to comment to a Trumpy. Twice impeached one term loser. Your loser broke the CDC rules 6 to 8 months ago . now 6 to 8 months later the CDC says things can be relaxed. He is Way ahead of the curve drink some more bleach

          • I should know better than to respond to a TDS sufferer. Especially considering I’m not the one who brought him up. Just out of curiosity, and for those who still might remember their civics classes, which laws does the CDC pass? Worst loss of businesses in the country. Worst. Whitmer lied and old people died. Rules for thee, not for me. Worst governor in the country, and I didn’t think that was possible after California and New York. Higher percentage of population loss from “Covid” (or possibly motorcycle accidents?) than both Florida and Texas. You might want to take some bleach yourself and save us your trouble. It’s truly unfortunate when citizens no longer wish to be, or are just incapable of being, Americans anymore. China is that way. Go beg your masters for forgiveness and maybe they will be merciful.

      • “Our Governor did a good job and Michigan is in good shape now.”

        I hope you are joking……..Tightest lockdowns, worst numbers…….Look at all the boarded up business’s…..Yeah great job, in your eyes.

        Quoting Mr. Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid.”


  • All adults that want a vaccine can get one. Those that say they are vaccinated and aren’t know the risks by now. They can take the ride unvaccinated if they want to, if it goes badly for them, its just TFB.

    Let’s just ditch the mask requirement and be done with the debate. Folks can wear one if they want to. If they don’t and aren’t vaccinated, well they know the risks. It’s long past time we mind our own business when it comes to who has good sense and who doesn’t when it comes to Covid19.

  • There will never be a time when health issues will not be political. It seems everything is based on politics, nothing is safe from becoming a political issue.
    We have been led down the path of ignorance. No matter how many facts are presented the ignorant will never except the findings. Unless they benefit from them.
    That old saying ” ignorance is bliss” has finally comes true.
    The handbasket is gone .

  • I’m “Identifying” as vaccinated. Just curious those that have had covid-19 and have the antibodies, why are they not counted as protected along with those vaccinated? Maybe those looking to “benefit” from the numbers doesn’t fit their narrative…….


  • Mr. Young:

    Will you cite your resource for your statistics? On the Michigan.gov vaccination website it states that 51.9% are fully vaccinated while 57.1% have at least one dose. Add that to the 10% that have already gotten the virus and have antibodies naturally one could assume that UP TO nearly 62% SHOULD be free to be mask-less. That’s just my opinion though. The health department seems to have their own science based opinion too (as long as it aligns with the plans of those “leading” that particular state).

    Remember back in the 60s when the health departments denounced fat as that was the reason everyone was becoming obese? Yeah, those folks that came up with those studies were coerced (with money) to come to that conclusion by the very powerful sugar industry. After years of “following the science” on fat, we’ve finally come to realize that sugar is in fact the obesity problem and fat is actually a one of the three primary nutrients for the human body (fat, protein, & carbohydrates). I’m sure factual science will rear it’s ugly head many years from now and we will know the truth of all of these mandates and shutdowns.



  • I’m to the point where if you don’t wear a mask and lie about receiving a COVID vaccine to justify not wearing a mask, you’ve shouldn’t expect any sympathy or empathy if you are unlucky enough to get infected and would require hospitalization.

    Forget the Go Fund Me pages to help after your insurance co-pays (and maybe lifetime benefits are maxed out due to your hospital stay(s) or visit(s) to the ER. Your “independence” might make you eligible for medical bankruptcy. Think of it as certification of your contrarian and/or libertarian status.

    Better yet, forego any trips to the ER or being admitted to a hospital and ride out COVID in the comfort of your own home or worst case, die at home. As an “independent American,” you certainly won’t expect “the government” to pay for home health care or hospice assistance because of your choice.

    Unfortunately, the unvaccinated can still infect others (like other unvaccinated individuals) and hospitalized COVID patients take up rooms, beds and health care personnel forcing others to delay procedures such as transplants, joint replacement, cardiac and pulmonary surgical procedures.

    But that’s the price we all pay for a significant minority’s “freedom.”

    • Oh yes, I agree! We should also add to that list every other condition that is easily avoidable. Such as those who are overweight but have heart attacks or strokes. Stay at home so you don’t overrun the hospitals with your avoidable issues. And what about the flu, clearly all you need is a flu shot (that some years is near 50% effective). Those people shouldn’t go to the hospital either. Oh yeah, and car accidents too. Definitely don’t let those people go to the hospital. If they had just walked to the store that wouldn’t have ever happened. No more drinking, no more cigarettes, no more sugary treats, no more cow farts (oh boy, Obama).

      In fact, to counter all this, let’s start mandating everything everyone eats (vegan obviously), mandate a multivitamin, mandate daily exercise, mandate more regular doctors visits and tests, mandate every vaccine for everyone (regardless of allergies or religious beliefs), mandate no driving…think of how great life would be.

      See the slippery slope yet?

      Give me liberty or give me death. Never truer words spoken. So easily do we let fear consume our liberty.

      • In case you did not realize this was a Virus that hit the whole world. Has nothing to do with everyday health problems. I can not believe you added car accidents. I see the slippery slope I think you fell off it. Maybe too many cow farts.

        • Merely highlighting the foolishness of the previous commentators comments. To say someone who exercises their liberty should be forced to “ride it out at home” is quite ignorant, much like the examples I gave. Likely, that person will ride it out at home anyway, and may in fact die. But at least they had that choice.

    • Yes, let them die if too dumb to live. No medicine, no hospitals. If they do not agree with us they should all die

  • My dear old Pop used to say, in certain given circumstances (and not at all related to COVID-19 and the masking of the nation, since he’s been gone nine years), that there is no legislating against being stupid.
    You can interpret that statement any way you wish, but my only point would be that to live in a free nation one must also be free to behave in one’s worst interests as well as one’s best.
    That IS the price of freedom.

    • All things are possible! Ms. Mandaville has finally made a statement that I can 100% agree with.

      Do not feel bad Lynn, it’s really not likely to happen ever again. 😉

      • I don’t feel the least bit bad, MacDougal. I firmly believe that all of us, no matter how diametrically opposed we may seem to be, have common ground on which to establish meaningful dialog. Let’s hope we discover more like this tidbit to agree upon.

  • It doesn’t ring true that those that don’t get the vaccine are just endangering themselves. There are children who have died from Covid19. There are many children remaining unvaccinated and not by their choice but because they can’t. If you go unvaccinated and unmasked you could spread it in public to another parent or possibly a child directly. Michael J said it along time ago. Remember the children are our future.

  • Mike Mike Mike

    Don’t try the old bait and switch slippery slope BS.

    COVID exists. Vaccines are available that offer you 70% or better protection from being hospitalized or dying. You might get very sick short of requiring hospitalization. For those who opt out, it’s now their responsibility for becoming infected, possibly passing on COVID to other non-vaccinated individuals.

    I understand you want the right to be fat. The right to eat poorly. The right to be overweight; to suffer from diabetes; hypertension. Have at it. You, your spouse, your children can have any diet you desire. At the end of the day it may affect your insurance premiums and you’ll be chronically overweight.

    But your logic of jumping from A to Q doesn’t equate to COVID vaccinations and wearing masks. Your choice of diet doesn’t affect others. You decide it’s worth it to lie about your vaccination status so you can to opt out of wearing a mask, you are potentially infecting unvaccinated people including children.

    Pandemic is real. COVID is here. It shouldn’t have become a divisive political tool for short term gain.

    • I guess somewhere I got confused. I didn’t realize I was was taking away your right to wear a mask by choosing not to wear one myself (or your kids). Do you have evidence that shows that by not wearing a mask I am spreading a disease I don’t have? What if I was being tested daily for my work? Certainly I would stay home if I was ill, always do, COVID or other sickness. I would expect the same from others too. But to say that my liberty to not wear a mask detracts from your liberty to not get sick is a bit like jumping from A to…well, not Q but maybe D or E. What about the liberty to drive a car vs the liberty to breath easily for someone with COPD? They stay inside on days that the air quality is bad and are told that it is bad via new organizations. Why couldn’t we have a simple weekly or daily public service announcement 3 or 4 times a day that clearly states the risks of going out during the pandemic and let everyone take whatever risk they wish (wear a mask or not, wear gloves or not, get tested daily or not, get vaccinated or not)?

      I believe the pandemic is real. I believe the vaccine is real and effective. And for those who are in the at risk categories for serious complications by the virus by all means should get it.

      But again, liberty is never something that should be so easily given away. I never elected a king or queen and don’t expect mandates to be made as if those in charge, right or left, are one.

  • Mike, Mike, Mike

    Quit trying to frame an unwillingness to wear a mask into a “liberty” issue.

    You’ve proven your first argument was specious so you moved on from poor diet choices to COPD.

    If you have COPD, I am not going to get infected and suffer from COPD. If I have COPD its my responsibility to travel with oxygen if its that severe. I follow doctors advice to stay in controlled environments. If I choose to ignore doctors orders and/or suggestions, I do so at my own peril and don’t put others at risk with those decisions.

    If one chooses not to get a COVID vaccination and subsequently lies about getting vaccinated so they can go without a mask, they are putting others at risk. That includes others who have refused to be vaccinated, themselves and others that at present includes children under 12. (Approval for them may come as early as this fall.) That has nothing to do with their “liberty” when it effects others.

    My point is if one refuses to be vaccinated and becomes a COVID patient shouldn’t expect an iota of help from the government. Shouldn’t expect a whole lot of empathy and sympathy if they get seriously ill from COVID.

    Don’t tacitly lie about being vaccinated when there’s been no vaccination so you can go out in public even under the guise of “liberty”. Be honest with co-workers, fellow church members, fellow social club members even strangers you see when shopping.

  • I agree the ” panicdamic” does exist. So did my right to make my own choices when it comes to my health and well being. What amazes me is the fact of how often and how many times the CDC changed their tune about EVERYTHING with this virus. Then I start listening to media advertisements about how this type of virus has been studied for years prior and thd shots are safe! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Any other developmental drug goes through years if not decades of testing before it can be released and my government is asking me to feel safe with a 5 to 6 month development drug with a whole lot less testing? I don’t think so! The other side of this coin to me is if a drug showing promise for cancer, alshiemers or any other disease common today gets picked apart to the point when it does get released the price is so high nobody can afford it. And we wonder why insurance rates go ballistic, big pharma orders a new yacht and many career politicians quietly pocket another “donation”. Think about that for a second and after the last few years how much do you trust our government. Sorry folks, I have not entered “SHEEP” mode just yet. I still believe the good LORD will let me know when it’s my time, virus or not!

    • Farm boy
      Yes, you are correct only your Lord knows..When..Where..and ..How . He will call you home.
      I do think acting reckless and ignoring things to prolong your life, may not fit the plan the Lord has for you.
      No one has to be a ” sheep” and blindly follow. Certain things one does follow without personally seeing …..religion a prime example. Many times one must have faith and trust in medical science. A choice that is not always easy.

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