Army Bob: We must call out the ‘let them die’ socialists

by Robert M. Traxler

In a recent editorial our esteemed editor made the point that we all should still mask up, as no one knows for sure who is vaccinated and who is not. Fair point; I will still mask up even though I am fully vaccinated, but at this point COVID-19 is on scale with the common flu, thanks to the vaccinations of the most vulnerable among us.

Whether or not to voluntarily mask up is not the issue any more, it is socialized control of our lives; it is the government demanding we mask up that good folks object to. In the comment portion of the editorial, folks made the point that if you do not mask up and get COVID-19 you should die; no treatment should be offered or requested.

The point is at the heart of national health care debate; who lives and dies is a decision made by bureaucrats and bean counters with the “let them die’” socialists in charge.

One comment made the point that if you do not agree with the socialists’ view on masking you need to die; folks, you can’t make this stuff up. So, if it is not COVID-19 it could be smokers, drinkers, meat eaters, folks who use fossil fuels, old white men (the bane of the socialist movement), people who visited web sites not politically correct, or anyone who voted for President Donald Trump, along with folks who forget to use seat belts. The socialist attitude is contained in the old saying, ‘the flogging will continue until morale improves.’

Callous and heartless are understatements when we discuss socialized medicine; medical care becomes a weapon to properly socialize our nation in the eyes of some, letting not properly socialized people die. The Soviet socialists did it with farmers who would not embrace collective farms, and the Chinese socialists did it with those who did not embrace the Cultural Revolution; tens of millions died in the name of unity and socialism.

People in our nation are saying the same thing, with no mask resulting in no lifesaving health care.

The problem is that the folks who will allow others die who could be saved because of conduct they deem unacceptable see no problem with such an attitude. One comment stated, “Better yet, forego any trips to the ER or being admitted to a hospital and ride out COVID in the comfort of your own home, or worst case, die at home. As an “independent American,” you certainly won’t expect “the government” to pay for home health care or hospice assistance because of your choice.”

Wow! Here we have the socialist attitude, with anyone who disagrees with the government. Another comment stated, “Yes, let them die if too dumb to live. No medicine, no hospitals. If they do not agree with us, they should all die.” Double WOW!!

Whatever happened to the American left who were compassionate and caring? They became true believers in National Socialism — a religion, a true belief system. They had already said that folks who do not believe in global climate change should not receive care for cancer; it is an easy step to add COVID-19 and anti-social behavior to the death list. The ultimate cancel culture.

If we believe in history as a teacher, it teaches us that in a socialist nation, the individual has no value, it is all about the collective, the larger good or group good, and individuals are expendable. Our democratic republic is unique, as is our Constitution, with individual rights and the Bill of Rights controlling government power and guaranteeing our individual freedoms.

It is something that must be tossed on the ash heap of history for the socialists to bring us to our knees. My opinion.


  • AB you obsessed with socialist and the left. I am fully vaccinated and so is my wife but i still wear a mask when I go into a store just a common curtesy to the people who work all day to wait on us not knowing who is vaccinated or not. Your choice to smoke drink eat red meat not wearing a seat belt only affects you and your loved ones not everybody you come in contact with like covid. What happened to America being compassionate and caring slowed four years ago dead now wonder why. And again do not waist your time labeling me a socialist a dem or rep I am my own Man.

    • Dennis you seem like that person who for the past year and a half l, refuse to leave the house and not realize that most people have gotten back to their lives.
      People are dropping the masks, vaccinated or not. Spending time with family and friends. Graduation parties, time at the lake with friends, bonfires and drinks at their neighbors. Birthday parties for their nieces and nephews.
      I doubt you’re on Facebook, but you see people posting pictures of them selfs after they are vaccinated. Congratulations, you’re a government experiment! Nobody cares. If you get the vaccine and believe in it, great. I’m glad you feel better about your self. But those that choose not to because they did their own research and don’t believe in it, shame on you for trashing them.
      When your doctor tells you and other healthy people that you do not need the vaccine, I can assure you I will not be getting injected with whatever is in there.
      My friends who are in the military have told me hardly anyone in the military are signing up for the vaccine. That to me is telling me there’s something wrong with it.

      Open up. Visit your family and friends. My best friends are immune compromised, one with diabetes, another with a type of blood cancer. They refuse to get the shot. Neither of them social distance, none of them are worried, none of them refuse to let CNN tell them how to live their lives like you choose to.
      Time to wake up sir

      • EskimoJoe, here’s a wakeup call: people who do “their own research and don’t believe in” the coronavirus vaccine should be mercilessly trashed. This is a crescendo of anti-intellectualism. Half of the US—170 million Americans—are now vaccinated against COVID virtually without incident, yet 700,000 Americans and counting have died from COVID. What “research” counteracts these undeniable numbers? Back in the 20th century, we used to use vaccines to eradicate deadly viruses like smallpox and polio. We could eradicate this coronavirus right now, but instead the “do your own research” anti-intellectuals would prefer to let this virus fester and mutate and stick with humanity for good. These people deserve tremendous shame. And as far as your military friends go, 100% of them will all be getting the vaccine very soon too, because if they don’t, they won’t be in the military any longer.

        • Mr Gless,
          I know of 2 that have died as a result of the shot. One was Johnson and Johnson, the other was after their second Moderna shot. Do you hear about stuff like that on the news? You won’t. It won’t benefit their agenda.
          Have you seen the death rate numbers over the last 5 years?
          2020 went up about 24 deaths compared to other years. There have been virtually no more deaths to the corona virus compared to other years. It’s just been classified as something else while the news makes it seem like a big deal when I’m reality it really isn’t. Get the shot if you want to. I don’t care what people do. Just don’t try to push it on those that don’t want them.
          Like i tell people all the time. Go vote, and do your research to find out who best describes your views and what you believe in. We may not agree on them, but i won’t say a thing as long as they believe they’ will do good.

          I see to many people who listen to their parents and vote with what their parents do because that’s all they know. Such as one of the kids at my work. He votes Democratic, I’m like ok what do you like more about the Democratic Party? The only answer they had to say was because his dad is a teacher and that’s what teachers do.
          See the problem? These teachers try to put their views into students instead of teaching them there’s more than one way to look at politics.

          • Eskimo Joe, but wait there’s more! Did you know that *everyone* dies after receiving the vaccine? There’s never any causation between that correlation, but don’t let that ruin a good narrative you’ve concocted. But again, just to summarize: COVID is a made up plandemic scam conspiracy with no actual harm, but those coronavirus vaccines are the true deadly dangerous scam conspiracy. And that’s the right-wing take on reality. Got it.

    • Don’t you believe in science? If you have been vaccinated, you are, according to science and your God, Dr. Faucci, you are now free from getting and giving Covid. Well, maybe you could get it, but a mild case. But if you get a variant, all bets are off. Or their not sure.
      Well, keep believing in science and Dr. Faucci …. we’ll get through it. Or you can fear for your life and hide under your bed!

  • Mr. Longstreet,
    People will tell us our activities that are not approved by the Wonk culture will impact everyone because of health care costs. Smoking, drinking and seat belts impact others because of auto accidents, second hand smoke and unapproved behavior while drinking.
    I do indeed obsess with the socialist left as it is the clearest danger to our Constitutional Republic we have faced as a nation. Thanks for the comment.

    • I can buy that. I am not a fan of socialism either .Work for what you get and you will do a better job taking care of it. I am also not a fan of the far right. Racism has no place in America.

  • Army Bob, you should read up on a list of basic rhetorical fallacies (specifically straw man arguments). That way your future columns can develop beyond an elementary school critical thinking level. This column here is delusional.

    • Mr. Gless,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Just what in the column is “delusional”? please give a few examples.
      Thank you in advance for your advice and the examples.

      • Basing your column on the comments of “John James” is delusional. That is clearly an outrageous spoof handle likely concocted by either yourself or RR/DTOM. Simply pretending that the karmic sentiments toward the anti-mask/vaxx/science cult have any legislative merit is delusional. Those folks still get the same equal services even though they don’t have the character or awareness to be considerate of everyone else.

        • Sir, Mr. Gless, Mr. James is not the only one the column is based on. The column used direct quotes from two comments.
          Thank you for the comment.

    • Jake,
      I know you fashion yourself as an intellectual, but most “intellectuals” are good at one thing, telling others they are stupid. Maybe you should look in the mirror and have a long talk with the reflection in the mirror.
      I don’t agree with your synopsis or viewpoints but you have every right to them. Please be respectful of other’s as well.

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