Direct deposit suggestion isn’t routine in Dorr Twp.

The Dorr Township Board Thursday night voted 4-3 to permit direct deposit of employee paychecks into United Bank, but the discussion of the proposal was not routine.

Township Clerk Debbie Sewers announced she opposed the change from manually creating and issuing the checks and putting them in a designated place for them to be picked up. She said making such a move would only make her job more difficult.

Deputy Supervisor and former Treasurer Jim Martin said the township’s auditor suggested direct deposit because it streamlines the process and actually makes it easier.

Sewers said she was elected to her post in 2016 and, “I was told I could run it (the clerk’s office) the way I wanted to. I’d like to continue what I’m doing.”

Supervisor Jeff Miling said direct deposit woiuld not be mandatory for all employees and he believes it would be an improvement because some employees do not cash their checks in a timely manner. He said the change would create a streamlined and more efficient service in payroll.

“We won’t have have checks laying around (the township offices),” he maintained.

Trustee John Tuinstra said, “I would defer to Debbie’s preferences. The supervisor and deputy supervisor have nothing to do with this.”

Miling, Trustees Pat Champion and Dan Weber, and Treasurer Myrna Marr voted to switch to direct deposit. Sewers, Tuinstra and Trustee Chandler Stanton dissented.

In other business Thursday, the Township Board:

  • Agreed to continue the option of public access to meetings via Zoom Internet.

Stanton, noting the board voted to allow a virtual option, said, “I think we should follow what we pass.” He added that citizens should provided an opportunity to attend meetings even if they cannot appear in person.

Supervisor Jeff Miling said he’d like to have a camera installed for streaming, but said he doesn’t want to run the Zoom equipment at the same time he must run a meeting.

Tuinstra said he will provide such a service at the board’s next meeting Thursday, June 24.

  • Agreed with the Planning Commission’s recommendation to rezone two parcels near 142nd Avenue and 21st Street from agricultural to rural estates, as requested by Jonathan Postma.
  • Approved the reappointment of Jim Vote to a three-year term on the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Was told by Library Board representative Derrick McLain that a new director is being sought after the abrupt resignation this past winter of Katie Brinker.
  • Approved hiring IT Right to replace Jon Gibson as tech support specialist at an annual service contract cost of $9,700.
  • Agreed to promote Jay Ellen to the part-time maintenance position after he served his 60-day probation period.
  • Was told by Sewers that Hopkins Schools will have an election on Aug. 3, affecting Precinct No. 1 of the township.
  • Noted the Dorr Township annual Fourth of July celebration is on, with Michigan Country Music Hall of Famer Luke Lenhart providing some of the entertainment.
  • Learned from Parks Commissioner Amanda Winters that the group plans to have an extended meeting at 5 Lakes Brewing at 4 p.m. Thursday to discuss a five-year plan.
  • Was told by Fire Chief Gary Fordham the department has responded to 70 calls over the first four month, 20 more than this time a year ago.


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