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ORV ordinance approved by Allegan County Board

The proposed county-wide Off-Road Vehicle Ordinance was passed Thursday by the Allegan County Board of Commissioners.
Though it’s been more than a year since proponents organized the drive at township, village and city government meetings, the ordinance will go into effect July 1. The commission will be using the time between now and then to designate the roads that ORVs can use.
The new law regulates and streamlines rules for ORVs throughout the county, but municipalities can opt our of the program by adopting an ordinance.
Scott and Trina Beltman of Monterey Township were the ringleaders of the campaign and organizers of petitions to be signed in support.
A total of 19 of the 24 townships in Allegan County went on record as being in support of the new law.

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