State of the Union: We’re still not getting the leadership we need

The President has had his night, talRanger Rick Art_7_0_0king to the American people with the State of the Union Address.
I write this the afternoon before his address because I won’t see or hear it on TV or radio, because I know what he will be saying. Nobody is really listening anyhow – they know he will say how robust the economy is, more jobs created under his administration that ever, his policies have produced lower gas prices, blah, blah, blah.

You can’t blame him, he’s a politician and whenever a politician opens his or her mouth in public, about 1% of truth and 99% of lies (commonly known as “bullshit” from my pool hall days) come out (for those of you not liking the word “lies,” please place “untruths” in for “lies”). This is not strictly a Democrat politician trait, as all politicians lie, especially when their mouth is moving, but the majority of major lying (the real whoppers) comes from the Left side of the aisle.

Example: The President will tell us how many new businesses were started in 2014. What he won’t tell you is the truth, because it ain’t pretty.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (a government body under his administration), more “deaths” of American businesses occurred than business “births.” Four hundred thousand new businesses were born last year, but 470,000 died. America is now number 12 among developed nations for new business startups. Since President Obama took over from “Boosh,” the number of U.S. firms plummeted for new net firms.

What is causing this? Most in business cite three things: 1) difficulty of accessing capital (loans); 2) excessive and burdensome government regulations (local, state, federal); and overall malaise about our economic future.

How to turn it around? Do the opposite of what the Obama Administration is doing and espousing. It will take serious fundamental changes in tax, regulatory, and judicial rules. It will take several years to undo all the damage the later Boosh years and now Obama years of market burdens placed on businesses. Until then, the downward spiral of business deaths will continue. Look at the facts, in the past recessions, it took an average of two years to come out of it. We were in a recession for seven years (and some economists say we are still in one). The reason for the misery – government intervention and “help.”

The author of this “rag” (his description, not mine) always attacks business and capitalism in general. I always chide him with “money goes where it is treated best,” meaning money is only invested where it can multiply and grow and wealth is created. It can’t in the United States faster than it can in other places except for the most recent months. That’s why the stock market is growing – investors have no other place to go. All currencies are taking a beating as well as foreign stock markets. All new investment money is coming to America to invest in American businesses because investors see those companies as steady producers of dividends and opportunities for investment.

The cause of gas prices falling was free market capitalism, those oil companies drilling in the United States on private land. Obama will take the credit, for which he did nothing to promote and nurture. He promotes more crony capitalism (giving government handouts to those he likes) and not free enterprise, free market capitalism, where good ideas and products thrive and poor ones fail. If he did, there would be more businesses starting than dying.

It will take a more pro-business administration than this Marxist, “spread the (read that “your”) wealth around” President and Administration. He doesn’t steal from the rich to give to the poor, he steals from all of us (producers and entrepreneurs) to be filtered through the government funnel (where politicians and government employees take their share) and given as handouts, mostly to the crony capitalists giving to the Democrat Party.

Don’t believe me, follow the money! Of course, the Remocrats (Republicans in name only) take a little less, they just want the power. If more Republicans would be like Reagan, then the country would grow. They want to be liked by the media and Democrats. That will only result in losing more political power and elections.

Americans want and yearn for bold and common-sense leadership, none of which is being provided now by either party. I suspect Republicans will finally see the light, but it will take time. Until then, the rotting from within continues.

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